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Disney Princesses Are Replacing Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

June 29 2016

There is an Instagram artist out there beheading celebrities and replacing their precious powdered faces with that of Disney princesses. (Relax, he’s not actually beheading anybody, just cutting their heads off in Photoshop.) Photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras, 23, began a dope… [ read more ]

California Woman Gets Touching Tattoo Just Days After Miscarriage

June 28 2016

It goes without saying that losing a child is a mother’s worst nightmare. Sadly, it happens far too often—15 to 20 out of every 100 women will have a miscarriage. Of course, everyone copes differently, but many use ink to… [ read more ]

Denver Artist Takes Face Painting to A Whole New Level

June 23 2016

Krysti, where is your tutorial video? Not that a 15-second video would qualify us to do half of what you do. Denver-based artist and cosmetologist Krysti Ellen does face painting like we’ve never seen before. And she does it all on… [ read more ]

What Would It Take To Remove Tattoos From European Soccer?

June 23 2016

It would take European football stars more than a decade to collectively remove their ink—not that that’s happening, please God don’t let that ever happen. They are some of the most tattooed athletes in the world and definitely rank amongst the… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Shocking Tattoos

June 22 2016

You used to be able to shock people merely by having a tattoo, these days it’s a bit more difficult than that. You need to have a truly unique and crazy tattoo in order to get people to even raise… [ read more ]

Bert, Ernie, Elmo and More Raise Hell All Over Sesame Street

June 22 2016

Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie—they’ve all lost their fucking minds. The gang of hairy colorful characters has taken to extreme vandalism, raising hell all over what used to be Sesame Street, now just called The Street. You’d think once on the The… [ read more ]

The #BestBaldDad Gets Tattoo To Match Son’s Brain Tumor Scar

June 22 2016

Gabriel, an eight-year-old battling cancer, has the #bestbalddad who shows unconditional love and support in the hardest of times. Kansas-based Josh Marshall watched his son undergo surgery in an effort to remove a large tumor from his head, leaving an enormous scar…. [ read more ]

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