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People Are Tattooing Fruit—Here’s Why

July 7 2016

When life gives you lemons (or honeydew melons, bananas, grapefruits), tattoo them.  Tattooing fruit has been around for ages and is often one of the initial practices a mentor suggests to his or her apprentice. There are a few challenges… [ read more ]

French Bulldog Tattoos Are Just As Cute As Frenchies IRL

July 6 2016

Ever since Lady Gaga’s French bulldog, Asia, appeared on the pop star’s Instagram in 2014 it seems Frenchies are everywhere we look. In March 2015, Asia got an Instagram, @MissAsiaKinney (Kinney is Gaga’s fiance’s last name: Taylor Kinney.) Gaga’s pup with… [ read more ]

Meet The Tattooed Man With Cerebral Palsy That Defies All Limits

July 5 2016

Ben Oxley is a 28-year-old badass with a taste for good tattoos and a need for adrenaline highs. He was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), but that doesn’t stop him from jet skiing, skydiving or getting tattooed. In fact, his condition—and… [ read more ]

#SelfieDad Recreates Tattooed Daughter’s Sexy Selfies

July 1 2016

Here is an embarrassing dad story if you’ve ever heard one. It recently came to Burr Martin‘s attention that his teenage daughter frequently posts sexy selfies, where she shows of her chest, arm and stomach tattoos in crop tops and low-cut… [ read more ]

Flag Lips Are Major Key For the Fourth of July

June 29 2016

Getting ready for the Fourth of July is always a big deal. After all, we are celebrating America—it’s only right that we put together our best looks. Makeup tutorial videos might scare you (they scare me!) because they are so often… [ read more ]

Disney Princesses Are Replacing Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

June 29 2016

There is an Instagram artist out there beheading celebrities and replacing their precious powdered faces with that of Disney princesses. (Relax, he’s not actually beheading anybody, just cutting their heads off in Photoshop.) Photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras, 23, began a dope… [ read more ]

California Woman Gets Touching Tattoo Just Days After Miscarriage

June 28 2016

It goes without saying that losing a child is a mother’s worst nightmare. Sadly, it happens far too often—15 to 20 out of every 100 women will have a miscarriage. Of course, everyone copes differently, but many use ink to… [ read more ]

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