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Gay Pride Tattoos

January 13 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states on June 26, 2015. It was a day that will forever be remembered by Americans. Before that ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, same-sex couples were only permitted to marry… [ read more ]

The Unique Portraiture of Dzikson

January 11 2016

Rafael Marquez, better known throughout the tattoo community as Dzikson, tattoos portraits unlike any other artist we have ever seen. Each of his tattoos is a lesson in how to combine differing styles to perfection. One part realism, one part… [ read more ]

Tattoos of Bill Nye the Science Guy

January 11 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Bill Nye the Science Guy! BILL! BILL! BILL! Ladies and gentlemen, you will now have that song stuck in your head for the rest of eternity… or at least for the rest of today. Middle school… [ read more ]

You Can Watch This Sailor Jerry Documentary For Free All January Long

January 8 2016

Happy Birthday, Sailor Jerry! Grab a drink and make sure it has some Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum in it. The rum company is celebrating iconic Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ 105th birthday all January long with a screening of Hori Smoku and you… [ read more ]

Ray Liotta Talks About Meeting a Fan with a Liotta Tattoo

January 7 2016

Here at Inked we spend a lot of time introducing you to amazing artists and reminding people that good work ain’t cheap. If this Ray Liotta fan had only listened to us he wouldn’t have been shamed in front of… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Megan Hoogland

January 5 2016

Megan Hoogland, a tattoo artist out of Mankato, Minn., has always stunned us with the diversity of her portfolio. Hoogland is able to switch between black & grey and color; she is as apt at portraiture as she is geometric… [ read more ]

Tattly Opens The World’s First Temporary Tattoo Parlor

December 31 2015

Growing up, temporary tattoos are a staple in your childhood. After getting the tattoos in goodie bags or from the 25 cent toy dispensers at the supermarket the real fun was in going to school and showing off your new… [ read more ]

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