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Category: Art

  • Tattoo Madness Tournament – Japanese Style Round 1

    This is our favorite month of the year for one simple reason: March Madness, well, and booze-soaked St. Patrick’s Day. While we love filling out brackets for the NCAA Tournament and throwing our paychecks into more pools than there are… [ read more ]

  • Take a Crash Course in Tattoo History with ‘Tattoo Nation’

    If you’re like us you used to spend history class doodling tattoo ideas on the fringes of your notebook while barely paying attention to the lecture. There is a rich and interesting history behind the tattoo industry in the United… [ read more ]

  • 10 Bitchin’ Snowboards

    Our friends at Green Label asked Danny Davis to pick his favorite Burton snowboards of all-time which got us thinking about our favorite planks. Following are our picks with some of Davis’s as well. Check out his selections here. And keep… [ read more ]

  • Women’s Ink

    This Thursday, March 6th, Bodies of Subversion author Margot Mifflin and INKED contributor Marissa Kakoulas are hosting a panel discussion with the leading ladies of tattooing. Roxx, Virginia Elwood, and Stephanie Tamez will be speaking with the writers in an event hosted… [ read more ]

  • Shopped Tattoos

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities would look like if they were heavily tattooed? Well, there’s a website for that. Shopped Tattoos has added some amazing looking ink to classic photographs of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, the… [ read more ]

  • Star Wars Tattoo by Quilskat

    The Russian artist Quilskat has created a project inspired by both Star Wars and Russian tattoo culture entitled Star Wars Tattoo. Quilskat is based out of Ekaterinburg, Russia, and has done many projects influenced by pop culture and comics that can all… [ read more ]

  • Jean-François (Jef) Palumbo Tattoos

    Jean-François (Jef) Palumbo is a tattoo artist who lives and works in Belgium, at the tattoo and piercing studio Boucherie Moderne. Palumbo’s works are highly original, conceptual, and contemporary. He creates a colorful, surreal world where images typical of street art… [ read more ]