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Tattooed Gang Members as Skin Rugs

August 19 2015

Renato Garza Cervera is an artist from Mexico City who has a pretty interesting mind. For instance, in this Of Genuine Contemporary Beast project he looked at a “bear skin rug” and saw a “bare skin rug.” For this project… [ read more ]


August 19 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Back in the day, aspiring tattoo artists were left with no choice but to convince their brave friends to volunteer their precious bare skin as a canvas to practice on. Since, there has of course been… [ read more ]

‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Members Tattoo Each Other

August 19 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Normally when I hear actors talking about what a great time they had on set while making friends for life I roll my eyes. Hard. Considering that it’s something almost every actor has said at… [ read more ]

Unconventional Pencil Art

August 18 2015

Artists from around the world use different mediums when they want to create and bring their art alive. A common medium used are colored pencils. Meghan Maconochie, a teacher and part time artist from South Africa, has given us another way to… [ read more ]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Behind the Scenes of August Burns Red’s ‘Identity’

August 18 2015

Exclusive Video Follows the Text Mermen and metalcore make unlikely bedfellows. Thanks to a childhood spent singing along to the calypso-inspired jams in The Little Mermaid I never could have fathomed the music under the sea being anything other than… [ read more ]

Joker Boy Wants To Put a Smile on Your Face

August 18 2015

First we had Zombie Boy, now we have Joker Boy. Clearly enamored by Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight, Joker Boy had his tattoo artist put a permanent smile upon his face. The tattoos are a pretty good approximation of… [ read more ]

Camouflage Body Painting

August 17 2015

Body painting is serious business and requires lots of time and patience. For some artists, body painting is a hobby, and for others, like Trina Merry, it is what they live and breathe.  From preparing performance art for top notch museums… [ read more ]

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