Category: Art

  • Art Impersonators

    When it comes to coffee, there can be no substitutes, but if you’re the art duo Craig & Karl there can be a little impersonation.  The New York and London based artists were recently inspired by an illy art collaboration to bring… [ read more ]

  • The Only Tattoo Artist in Scotland (in 1925)

    Imagine what it would be like to be the one and only tattoo artist in your entire country. Pretty cool, right? Well, in 1925 Scottish tattoo artist Prince Vallar could lay claim to that title. ScotlandsPeople, a genealogy website run… [ read more ]

  • Vintage Greeting Cards from Krampus

    Hello boils and ghouls!  Though the happy holidays may be here, that does not mean that all is filled with merriness and cheer. December 5th marks the pagan holiday Krampusnacht!  For those of you who haven’t heard of Krampusnacht, it… [ read more ]

  • The Black Magic and Ink of Dan Sperry

    Whenever someone in the arts obtains a certain level of success there are cynics who are quick to ask if they have paid their dues. To some people you have to prove that you have earned success through years of… [ read more ]

  • Epic Christmas Trees

    As the holidays approach we can expect to see city streets and houses slowly filling up with festive Christmas trees covered in ornaments and that fresh pine smell.  Some people, though, like to take that classic tree silhouette just a… [ read more ]

  • The Street Art of Bordalo II

    The streets of Lisbon, Portugal, have been kept vibrant by the Bordalo family for quite some time. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Bordalo II has been using trash to create masterful sculptures that force people to think about the waste… [ read more ]

  • Cupcake Art

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner you might need a hand picking out what kind of epic desserts to serve at the feast.  Sure, you can have traditional pumpkin pie and a nice, fancy cheesecake, or you can switch things… [ read more ]