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Head Turning Skull Carvings by Aureus Arts

October 23 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Bone carving as been an ancient art form since the paleolithic era, when our ancient ancestors would carve intricate patterns into the bones of animals to be made into jewelry, clothing, battle gear, or cherished… [ read more ]

Halloween Nail Art by Ly

October 22 2015

If you’re a nail fanatic, holidays can be the best part of your year because they give you an excuse to give your manicure a festive flare. Hands down, Halloween is one of the most highly anticipated times and NailsByLy… [ read more ]

Mixing Metals: The Technology and Foundry Infusion of Mesplé

October 21 2015

The career of a blacksmith goes back centuries and it can take true innovation to bring something new to a craft that helped to advance western society throughout the Iron Age, the medieval period, the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Yet… [ read more ]

Canada’s First Tattooed Prime Minister

October 21 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text The United States may still be up in the air about who our next president will be, but on October 19th Canada elected their new Prime Minister, Liberal Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime… [ read more ]

Glass Manicures Turn Your Claws Into Diamonds

October 21 2015

Gallery Follows the Text A glass manicure sounds painful, right? What does that even mean? Hailing from Korea, glass manicures are the latest trend in nail art to hit the salon—they’re sealing cellophane on your nails with your favorite polish. If you… [ read more ]

Great Halloween Makeup by Inked Fans

October 20 2015

Halloween is our favorite day of the year—this should be abundantly obvious based off of this, this and this—so we do everything we can to turn the entire month of October into a celebration of everything creepy, macabre and spooky…. [ read more ]

The Best Of Zombie Crawl

October 19 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Do you believe in zombies? That corpses can rise from underground and walk amongst the living? Would you know how to ward one off if approached on the street? Because hundreds of zombies roamed freely (possibly… [ read more ]

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