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Icons Unmasked

December 23 2015

Illustrator Alex Solis has come up with a creative idea that has left us in stitches-what if the pop culture heroes you adore aren’t who they say they are? In this series of drawings (and soon to be book thanks… [ read more ]

Christmas Flash

December 21 2015

You know that sense of cheer you carry around with you during the holidays? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that with you all year long? You can with a Christmas themed tattoo! Many tattoo artists have been offering flash… [ read more ]

Christmas Beards That Rival Santa’s

December 21 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Ladies, it’s no secret we go weak in the knees for a man with a luscious beard. Perhaps Santa Claus is to blame—gals did always trust the bearded man to deliver presents year-after-year. Since we’re all grown… [ read more ]

Tattoo Artist/Model Double Threats

December 15 2015

There are thousands of amazingly tattooed artists and many, many more beautiful tattooed people in this world. But there is a very elite club of people that are double threats—they create beautiful tattoo art and look gorgeous flaunting their own… [ read more ]

Pixar Tattoos

December 15 2015

The first moving pictures were animated, but it wasn’t until Walt Disney showed up that people started to take things seriously. After years of dominance from Disney the next step forward in the animation evolution came from within Disney’s own… [ read more ]

Tattoo Trends for 2016

December 11 2015

Gallery Follows the Text In 2015 we saw a ton of spectacular tattoos. Incredible designs were unleashed into the tattoo world on the daily. It’s safe to say that the artists of today continue to defy expectations of what a tattooer can do with human… [ read more ]

The Dried Flower Body Art of Verity Cumming

December 9 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Link Temporary body art has been all the rage lately. People are sporting everything from temporary tattoos to glitter paint and even fake freckles and beauty marks. That being said, Verity Cumming has beaten them all… [ read more ]

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