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Ghoulish Sweets from Sugar Spooks Part 2

October 19 2015

We love Halloween and we love cake art, if only there was some way to bring our two great passions together. Oh wait, there is! May we present Sugar Spooks, a collaborative group of cake makers from around the world… [ read more ]

Disney Pinups by Virginie Siveton

October 19 2015

Virginie Siveton is a French illustrator that specializes in taking the wholesome images we know from pop culture, particularly from Disney movies, and twisting them into tattooed and gorgeous pinups. We love how she has taken very familiar characters, added… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

October 19 2015

After putting Madzilla fully decked out in Day of the Dead makeup on the cover of our latest issue it was only a matter of time before people would be eager to emulate her look. But it’s so complex, it’s… [ read more ]

The Tattoo Inspired Jewelry of UK Custom Plugs

October 16 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Tattoos and stretched ears have long gone hand-in-hand within the body modification community. Musicians such as Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, and Davey Havok from AFI all rock the tattoo… [ read more ]

Blink 182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?’ Music Video As Grand Theft Auto V

October 16 2015

Everyone has a special place in their heart for the dudes who rocked¬†the world when they released a music video of them wreaking havoc in Los Angeles¬†with their d*cks out in 1999. For the time, the pixelated nudity in Blink… [ read more ]

Meet the Creative Baker Christine McConnell

October 15 2015

Gallery Follows The Text While some people are talented in one aspect of their lives, others are lucky enough to be given multiple talents. As unfair as it seems, you can’t help but appreciate and admire the way certain people… [ read more ]

The Unreal Custom Creations of Ekaterina Gakman

October 14 2015

With the rise of social media, everyone and their mother is sharing pictures of their adorable animals. Yet, while having a pet is wonderful, it can also be a big responsibility. Not to mention your opitions are pretty limited as… [ read more ]

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