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Movie Villains Meet Pop Songs in These Mashups

August 10 2015

Even the most diabolical villains must like to get down to tunes, right? Of course they do. Even when you spend all of your waking hours plotting to take over the world you can still enjoy cranking up the stereo… [ read more ]

InkBox Creates Temporary Tattoos That Last Two Weeks

August 10 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Temporary tattoos, once one of the most coveted items in a child’s birthday party goody bag, have now become the latest fashion trend for adults. After a few days of wearing these tattoos, they start… [ read more ]

10 Faces You Need to See

August 7 2015

Gallery Follows the Text We are constantly blown away by the work tattooists are producing on the daily. The skill level required to execute a portrait tattoo, whether it be abstract or inked directly from a photograph, is astronomical. We’re so proud… [ read more ]

Taxidermy with a Twist

August 6 2015

We’ve all seen taxidermy in the past, usually in the form of a deer head mounted on a wall. Perhaps a stuffed bear if you’ve been hanging out in really exotic places. But we guarantee you have never seen taxidermy… [ read more ]

Mexico is Home to the Island of the [Creepy] Dolls

August 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The Isla de las Munecas, or Island of the Dolls will send chills down your spine. Legend has it the island came to be after a girl drowned due to “mysterious circumstances.” Now, her spirit and more haunt the eerie island… [ read more ]

Reverse Graffiti

August 6 2015

Surfing through the inter webs always leads us to the most interesting and unusual findings. Today while we ventured through, we found an article about an eco-mural in Poland. According to the article at, a Polish Energy Group has hired… [ read more ]

Toilet Seat Art

August 5 2015

When Robbie Kass isn’t in the tattoo shop placing art on skin he is off working on a very different medium—toilet seats. Kass clearly has a fantastic sense of humor and he has chosen to share it with the world… [ read more ]

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