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Tattoo Timelapse – Teneile Napoli

May 29 2015

If you are ever on the far side of the world in Australia you really need to stop into Garage Ink. In this shop on the outskirts of Brisbane you will find the immensely talented Teneile Napoli, the subject of… [ read more ]

Disney Princesses Gone Wild

May 28 2015

Disney is all about making fantasies come true, right? The poor street thief finds a magic lamp and becomes a prince. The abused house maid gets a fairy godmother, goes to a ball and meets her prince. Apeshit JDM, a member… [ read more ]

15 Hilarious Tattoo Related Webcomics

May 28 2015

While the days of the comic strip may be in the past don’t think that there aren’t a ton of hilarious comics still being made. Instead of newsprint the medium is the internet but they are just as funny as… [ read more ]

Rock the Boat: 15 Awesome Boat Tattoos

May 28 2015

Temperatures are rising, the summer’s coming, and with that, it’s time to hit the waves. There are plenty of reasons to go to the beach, but if that reason is to voyage into the great beyond, past that horizon line, you’re… [ read more ]

Meet The Artists At Aces High Tattoo

May 27 2015

“It’ll take you about 15 minutes to be a pro,” said Nick Stambaugh, a talented artist of Aces High Tattoo in Jupiter, FL. He was selling the art of paddle boarding, not tattooing when four Australian dudes walked in looking… [ read more ]

The SuicideGirls Strike Back Against Richard Prince

May 27 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Artist Richard Prince is about to find out that the SuicideGirls are not to be trifled with. Earlier this week Prince—an artist whose name is almost always preceded by the word “controversial” in the press—made waves… [ read more ]

16 Insane New School Tattoos

May 26 2015

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the serious artistry of tattoos that one can completely forget that tattoos can be humorous. I mean, when you think about it since tattoos are so deeply personal it shouldn’t be a… [ read more ]