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‘Illustrative Portraiture’ Shows A Tattooed Man in a New Light

June 15 2016

Photographer William King turned his lens on the extensively tattooed Chris Lavish for a set of photos that are simply beautiful. King’s photography captures not only the striking features of his model but also the numerous tattoos covering his body…. [ read more ]

Can You Spot Which Tattoo Is An Alligator And Which Is A Crocodile?

June 14 2016

Picture this: You’re vacationing in Florida, perhaps on a walk near a river or a lake. Suddenly, you turn around to find a scary reptile lurking close behind. Is it an alligator or a crocodile? And does it matter? Seeing… [ read more ]

6 Inspiring Tattoos Dedicated to the Late Muhammad Ali

June 13 2016

News of Muhammad Ali’s death on June 3 came as a shock to fans around the world, many of whom weren’t even born yet when the boxing legend fought his last fight in 1981, and already, there have been Ali-inspired… [ read more ]

Terrific Toe Tattoos

June 10 2016

These 18 toe tattoos will crack you up. Make sure you prepare your eyes for the genius ink in photo #11! By now you are familiar with the knuckle tattoo trend. We’ve always enjoyed gazing at the tiny detail artists… [ read more ]

No Hand? No Problem. See The World’s First Prosthetic Tattoo Machine

June 10 2016

On first glance the device looks like either a medieval torture device or the kind of accessory you would see on a Steampunk aficionado at Comic Con. Both of those guesses are wrong, as you’ll see in the video below… [ read more ]

Celebrate Donald Duck’s 82nd Birthday with 12 Clever Tattoos

June 9 2016

Celebrate Donald Duck’s 82nd birthday with 12 clever Disney-inspired tattoos. Tattoo #6 is a major throwback! Let’s face it: Donald Duck is getting old. June 9, 2016 marks his 82nd birthday but luckily for him, he is a Disney character and… [ read more ]

Body of Work: Dermographic Art Collector

June 6 2016

Jeremy James is a buttoned-up, hard working restaurant owner and entrepreneur. When dressed in his regular business clothes, he appears to be just like every other normal, white-collar worker. Little do most of his colleagues and fellow PTA parents know,… [ read more ]

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