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Ghoulish Sweets from Sugar Spooks Part 1

October 14 2015

We love Halloween and we love cake art, if only there was some way to bring our two great passions together. Oh wait, there is! May we present Sugar Spooks, a collaborative group of cake makers from around the world… [ read more ]

Hand-Picked Apple Tattoos

October 14 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Girls! Girls! Girls! Text your boy toy—we’re going apple picking! And for once he won’t dread the obliged fall activity. Because not everyone has the luxury of apple farms in a 20-mile radius (this means their Instagram will… [ read more ]

The Creepy Makeup Transformations of Made Yew Look by Lex

October 14 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text and Video If you’re familiar with the special effects makeup community of Youtube you know horror fanatic Alexys Fleming, or as she is more commonly know, Made Yew Look by Lex. Lex has been on… [ read more ]

Artist Transforms Bratz Dolls Into Iconic Women

October 14 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Wendy Tsao, an especially talented artist based out of Vancouver, Canada, has recreated the Bratz dolls and transformed them into iconic women of all fields. As you surely remember, Bratz dolls are complete with excessive eyeshadow, over drawn lips,… [ read more ]

Insane Pumpkin Carving

October 13 2015

Remember the first time you ever carved a Jack O’Lantern? I certainly do. I tried so hard to give him weird buck teeth and was absolutely heartbroken when I chopped right through one of them. Sure, now it looked like… [ read more ]

Dance Tattoos

October 12 2015

For many cultures around the world, dance can be serve as a language. It tells stories, enriches culture and can bring a community together through music. Capturing the movement, elegance, and emotion of a dancer poses a difficult task for… [ read more ]

Ink From New York Comic Con

October 12 2015

Last weekend tens of thousands of people packed the Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan to attend the 2015 New York Comic Con. Among the enormous celebration of pop culture were a ton of people who weren’t just… [ read more ]

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