Category: Art

Back in Black (and Grey)

February 2 2015

Is there any better way for an artist to showcase his skills than by doing a large scale back piece? In the hands of the right artist the possibilities are endless. Given the ample amount of real estate that the… [ read more ]

Fresh Paint with Pop Surrealist Richard J. Oliver

February 2 2015

The modern tattoo industry is filled to the brim with incredible artists from all over the world ranging in a variety of styles that seem to almost transcend what can be done on skin. ¬†Though this industry is typically dominated… [ read more ]

Crazy Ruben’s Collection for the Ages

January 30 2015

Some people collect baseball cards, others collect stamps. “Crazy” Ruben Contreras has a far more badass collection. Contreras collects tattoos and he has some incredibly sick work to say the least. Hailing from Southern California it is no surprise that… [ read more ]

Make the Most of Your Snow Day

January 27 2015

Snow day! Wooohoooo! Thanks to winter storm Juno most of the northeastern part of the United States is enjoying a snow day today. Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and enduring a harrowing commute full of people… [ read more ]

The Beautifully Dark Tattoos of Riccardo Cassese

January 27 2015

When it comes to creating breathtaking tattoos that have a just a hint of the macabre few can equal the work of Riccardo Cassese. Based in Barcelona, Cassese specializes in portraiture and realism. While many tattoo artists go over the… [ read more ]

Street Art and Murals by Fin Dac

January 26 2015

Street art has really taken off in the last decade, and muralist Fin Dac is one of the most original artists leaving his mark on walls all around the world. ¬†Known for his urban-themed stencil art, Fin Dac has a… [ read more ]

Are Those Tattoos Real?!

January 22 2015

Sometimes we take a look at some ink and our mouth drops wide open as we exclaim, “Are those tattoos real?!” Well, we hate to break it to you, but the tattoos in this list aren’t real. But we really… [ read more ]