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Art by Salavat Fidai

January 22 2015

Salavat Fidai is a multimedia artist, sculptor and photographer with an edgy aesthetic and a love for the unconventional.  His works range from originals done in oil on canvas to recreations of famous paintings on pumpkin seeds.  Some of his… [ read more ]

‘Popular Skullture’ Celebrates the Macabre

January 21 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Given the harsh reality that every human eventually concedes to death it’s not surprising that man has always been intrigued by the macabre. Every known art form ends up focusing on death. Be it tattoos, comics,… [ read more ]

The Re-imagined Zodiac: What’s Your Sign?

January 16 2015

We’ve all seen horoscopes and been asked “What’s your sign?”  Your typical answer is probably something like “I’m a cancer, which I think is a crab.” or “Virgo, like Beyonce.” However, multi-media artist Damon Hellandbrand wanted to put a spin on… [ read more ]

The 3D Tattoo That Actually Crosses Dimensions

January 15 2015

Optical illusion tattoos are popping up more and more these days.  One of the coolest new trends in optical illusion tattoos are the Street Fighter tattoos which were first popularized by fans of the Street Fighter video game who used… [ read more ]

Stop! Collaborate and Listen

January 15 2015

So you want to get a new tattoo?  Right now you’re probably scouring Instagram trying to find that perfect artist with a one of a kind style to fit the ideas in your head for your next piece. Except maybe… [ read more ]

Clap Your Hands for These Tattoos

January 14 2015

It takes guts to get a tattoo on your hand. Not only is it going to hurt like the Dickens, but unless you live in Antarctica and wear gloves constantly hand tattoos are always on display. Of course, if your… [ read more ]

Generation ‘My Way’ & The Fall of Tattoo Barriers

January 13 2015

According to a survey conducted by Lightspeed Research, women are outnumbering men these days when it comes to ink. 59% of women polled had at least one tattoo.  For men, that number was 41%. As the traditional societal stigmas related… [ read more ]