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Every Presidential Candidate Got Tattooed

February 29 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Michael Bloomberg, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson walk into a tattoo shop….yes it’s a start of an odd joke (and probably ends up with… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Mesmerizing Eye Tattoos

February 26 2016

They say that our eyes are the window to our souls; we find that this is also true in the tattooed version of eyes. Whenever I see a tattoo of an eye I find myself staring deeply into it, trying… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Grab Bag of Beyond Impressive Tattoos

February 25 2016

We spend so much time putting tattoos into neat little categories, like color biomechanical using pre-Industrial Revolution technology or ultra-realistic black and grey portraiture of children, that sometimes we lose sight of the whole picture. That being our collective love… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Remarkably Colorful Back Pieces

February 23 2016

There are few tasks a tattoo artist craves more than being given the chance to let their imagination run wild on an enormous back piece. The back offers the most uninterrupted real estate for a large-scale tattoo project; so it… [ read more ]

The Most Outrageous Milkshakes You’ve Ever Seen

February 23 2016

Gallery Follows the Text The milkshakes at Black Tap in SoHo are guaranteed to blow your mind. We have no idea how one begins drinking (eating?) one of these bad boys, but we’re willing to find out. Black Tap claims… [ read more ]

Rihanna Goes Full Frontal In New ‘Work’ Video

February 22 2016

Rihanna is known to sex things up—she does just that in her new “Work” video featuring Drake. Luckily for fans who have long awaited RiRi’s new album, the seven minute clip delivers more than one music video—both parts equally steamy…. [ read more ]

Tattoos Inspired by Federico Bebber

February 22 2016

Federico Bebber is an Italian digital artist who specializes in creating surreal and haunting portraits by altering photographs. His work has been reproduced or used as inspiration by tattoo artists from all over the world. If you are not familiar with… [ read more ]

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