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  • Harry Potter Tattoos

    Of all the young adult book series that have come out in the last twenty-five years, Harry Potter is by far the most beloved.  With a following based off of seven novels, eight films, and even an amusement park, fans can’t… [ read more ]

  • Scorpion Tattoos

    Scorpions are some of the deadliest creatures on the planet, which means they make for some really badass tattoos.  Whether it’s American traditional, New School, realistic, or a tribute to the 1980s rock band,  these scorpion tattoos are some of… [ read more ]

  • Timely Tattoos

    Clocks are extremely useful and sometimes they can be extremely beautiful, too.  To commemorate some of the most important dates, times, or just the briefness of life some people opt to get clock tattoos.  Here are some of the most… [ read more ]

  • Thigh Tattoos

    Regardless of style preferences, thigh tattoos can be some of the most attractive tattoos out there. That is as long as they are placed correctly to fit each  client.  To prove it, here are some of the hottest perfectly placed… [ read more ]

  • Portfolio Peek with Allan Rivera

    Black and grey tattoo artists seem to rarely cross over to color, however, Allan Rivera seems comfortably capable of working in both fields.  Sullen TV gives us an inside look at some of Rivera’s favorite pieces in this episode of “Portfolio… [ read more ]

  • Cover Up Tattoos

    For the most part tattoos are permanent, but every now and then there comes a time when someone will walk out of a tattoo studio and either hate what they’ve just gotten inked or grow to like it less and… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Pavel Angel

    The demand for more out-of-the-box body art is constantly increasing and Russian tattooist Pavel Angel is here with a great style solution.  Angel is the number one tattoo artist specializing in stonework tattoos, in fact, he may be the only… [ read more ]