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Salt & Pepper Portraits

August 3 2015

Virtually everyone uses salt & pepper when they are cooking, only a very skilled few use the spices to create art. We can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to create the pieces of art featured in the gallery… [ read more ]

Henna Heals

August 3 2015

Gallery Follows the Text There is something very special about the henna crowns that you are going to see in the gallery below. No, it’s not the artistry involved in creating them, although the artistry is clearly exceptional. It’s the… [ read more ]


July 31 2015

Gallery Follows the Text These tattoos aren’t all sleeves or only black-and-grey like many of our categorized lists. Some are style mashups, some are solely realism, some are just abstract. The following 12 tattoos are simply a gallery showcasing stellar pieces of… [ read more ]

Rat Tattoos

July 31 2015

Some people love rats, some people hate rats and many people, myself included, are afraid of them. Even the haters can’t deny that they are fascinating creatures who are more than worthy of being tattooed. Check out this gallery of… [ read more ]

Golden Skulls

July 31 2015

Billy Bogiatzoglou, more commonly known as Billelis, is an artist that you must know. We love skulls and he is catering to our whims with this amazing series entitled “Hope You Like Skulls.” In the gallery below you will see some… [ read more ]

Fridays are for Funny Tattoos

July 31 2015

Gallery Follows the Text When the clock strikes five p.m. (or four p.m. at the Inked offices *claps for summer Fridays*) you’re finally free to kiss your work worries goodbye until Monday. Even if you’re stuck working for the weekend–we’ve all… [ read more ]

Friendly Monster Tattoos

July 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Not all monsters are scary. Some are actually quite jolly, and although they may appear to be feared they’re the most lovable of the bunch. Think of them in relation to that uncle you were once too afraid to… [ read more ]

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