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American Indian Tattoos Pt. 2

March 21 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Ladies and gentlemen, we now honor the great American Indians of our time with glorious tattoos by talented artists. The American Indian physique and image is one that cannot be matched. Check out these black-and-grey, vibrant, and… [ read more ]

Vans Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary With Two Massive Parties

March 18 2016

Business is a tricky thing. The margins between succeeding and going under are ultra thin and seemingly every day another giant bites the dust. So when Vans saw their 50th birthday coming up they knew they had to pull out… [ read more ]

American Indian Tattoos Pt. 1

March 17 2016

Gallery Follows the Text American Indians have long-adorned themselves in decorative clothing and accessories made of animal hides, feathers, and even teeth. Unlike we millennials, their wardrobe held high significance. For example, the amount of feathers or beads a woman… [ read more ]

Glyph Tattoos

March 17 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Glyph tattoos are way cooler than one would think because let’s be honest—how many people are fluent in “glyph?” It’s hardly acceptable to say that there is such a definitive glyph language when in fact, glyphs… [ read more ]

Hamsa Tattoos

March 16 2016

Gallery Follows the Text To an onlooker, hamsa tattoos just look like cool designs filled with great detail and often lots of color. But there is so much more than meets the eye. Hamsa, in Muslim communities, is referred to… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Tremendous Black and Grey Back Pieces

March 16 2016

When it comes to TVs we demand to be able to see every color in the rainbow, but when we’re talking about tattoos we don’t mind kicking it old school and seeing things in black and white. Well, black and… [ read more ]

Flowers and Vines

March 14 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Tattoos of flowers and vines are divine! They are oh so relevant to the approaching spring time. Each and every one makes us wish we had wine, to join us in the garden while we watch… [ read more ]

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