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Celebrate Halloween All Year Long

April 21 2015

Here at Inked we wish that it could always be Halloween. We love dressing up in costume, we love watching horror movies and we love the greatest animated film of all time The Nightmare Before Christmas. So when we saw today’s InkedShop… [ read more ]

Convention Coverage: Musink Recap

April 20 2015

Now that you’ve been brought up to date with some of the top artists in the industry and the incredible artwork at the Musink tattoo convention, it’s time you experience the performances and the crowd. Bernadette Macias (duh) is giving… [ read more ]

Harry Styles Has a new Thigh Tattoo

April 20 2015

Heads up, the Internet could break soon. Harry Styles has a new tattoo. And this time it’s not on his arms or torso—body parts fans are already more than familiar with. This one is on his thigh. While hanging out… [ read more ]

15 Record Store Day 2015 Must-Have Records

April 17 2015

If you’re a music lover, Record Store Day is like your Black Friday—even though it’s on Saturday, April 18. It’s your Fashion’s Night Out! Record Store Day is to music fiends as Presidents Day is to mattress maniacs. Since 2007,… [ read more ]

Batman V Superman Tattoos and Dawn of Justice Trailer

April 17 2015

Two days ago, director Zack Snyder tweeted out a short teaser of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice along with a link to buy tickets to specific IMAX theaters where the full-length trailer would premiere on April 20. Confirmed 4.20.15… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse – London Reese

April 16 2015

If I had a nickel for every time I have stared at an astonishing tattoo and wondered just how the hell it was possible to create such an impressive piece of art, well, I certainly wouldn’t be working, I can… [ read more ]

Tattoos Pop Culture Fanatics Will Love

April 15 2015

If you were born any time around 1975 or later chances are that pop culture is a huge staple in your life. These generations have identified with the movies, TV shows and video games in a way unlike any of… [ read more ]