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11 Tricked Out Bikes

May 15 2015

Today is Bike to Work day, but you probably already knew that. It makes sense since this week is Bike to Work week. And May is Bike Month. Cities all over the country, and the cyclists in those cities, are celebrating by,… [ read more ]

A Preview of the Brand New Freshly Inked W/ Carlos Rojas

May 15 2015

Carlos Rojas rose to prominence by tattooing a Breaking Bad sleeve so realistic that you can almost smell the chemicals coming off of Walter White’s HazMat suit, but the art has been in him far longer than that. Rojas got his… [ read more ]

Second Chance Chic: Going Green Never Looked So Cool

May 14 2015

Whether you want to call it DIY, upcycling, — just plain creative — or let’s face it – a cheaper alternative to what’s available mass market, the Inked team has pulled some amazing ideas together. We hope they inspire you… [ read more ]

Inked Presents Badass TV – Freddy Negrete

May 13 2015

Inked is lucky to present the latest project from the modern day Renaissance man Evan Seinfeld, Badass TV. Whether he is rocking faces off in one of the many bands he has been in, like Attika 7, or playing a… [ read more ]

Funny Tattoo Shop Signs

May 13 2015

When it comes to putting a person at ease few things work as well as a bit of humor. Considering the amount of pain and permanence involved in getting a tattoo it’s only natural that a person is a little… [ read more ]

5 Unbelievable 3-D Paintings by Stefan Pabst

May 13 2015

Artist Stefan Pabst makes a living painting portraits for people, and while those are pretty amazing, his 3-D art pops right off the page and blows your mind. The 35-year-old Russian artist—who has lived in Germany since he was 15—has… [ read more ]

Tips and Pics From Tattoo Manicurist Laurie Maille

May 12 2015

GALLERY OF LAURIE’S TATTOO-INSPIRED MANICURES BELOW THE TEXT Laurie Maille hails from France and says that while she loves being creative, it isn’t always great for her own nails, “The clamps, needles and glue often spoil my nails.” For her… [ read more ]