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Category: Art

  • Best of Inkslingers

    Check out pictures from this amazing new book Inkslingers – Under the Skin from Gingko Press. Jacob Schultz interviewed some of the premier tattoo artists in the world so that they could share their insight on their craft in this beautiful… [ read more ]

  • Two Guys One Art

    The life of an artist is often a solitary affair filled with sleepless nights hashing out ideas followed by long days trying to bring those ideas to life. Beautiful art can be produced by the solitary artist, no doubt about… [ read more ]

  • Amelia Nightmare – Christian Saint Photographer

    The multi-talented Amelia Nightmare (aka Amelia Dinmore), is a model, stylist, artist, and video vixen. You may have even seen her in NY INK. Amelia looks, playful, sexy, and bubble gum-sweet in this photoseries by Christian Saint Photography. Wanna see more?… [ read more ]

  • The Realistic Tattoos of John Anderton

    John Anderton , Supreme Overlord of Nemisis Tattoo (Seaham, UK), is an award-winning expert in his field, currently enjoying realism work and large-scale challenges in his tattoo art.

  • Museum Worthy Tattoos

    This gallery features tattoos based off of works of art from some of the premier artists of our time including Picasso, Dali, van Gogh and da Vinci. You might say that these tattoos are worthy of being displayed in a… [ read more ]

  • Pin-ups by Dave Nestler

    Despite working as an artist for years prior Dave Nestler did not discover his true calling until he attended Glamourcon in the fall of 1995. From that day on Nestler knew that he would  be using his talents to paint… [ read more ]

  • Female Back Tattoos

    Check out this gallery of some of the sexiest female back tattoos that we could find.