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Watch: Japanese Hand Poke Tattooing Tebori

August 24 2015

  You’ve no doubt heard of Japanese hand-poke tattoos but have you ever seen the gorgeous process? Following is a video on the process of Tebori.

The Most-Watched YouTube Tattoo Video: Women in Bikinis at Tattoo Blues

August 24 2015

Would you guess that the most-watched YouTube “tattoo” video is an ad for a shop in Florida? Well, for one the title helps: “Women in Bikinis at Tattoo Blues.” As of post-time this video, has just under 100 million views in five… [ read more ]

Watch These Bears Enjoy a Day at the Pool

August 21 2015

Photo Gallery and Video Follow the Text There are lots of images one associates with the state of New Jersey—The Sopranos, the larger-than-life governor, Bruce Springsteen, orange tans and spiky hair, and bears. Wait, bears? One family in Rockaway Township… [ read more ]

DIY: Hair Tapestry Is All The Rage

August 20 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Push the pastel hair dye aside, hair tapestry is taking over. A few weeks ago, the world went color-crazy as ladies dyed their hair to match that of the rainbow (even Alysha Nett partook in the trend). Before that,… [ read more ]

The Force Is Strong With These Parents

August 19 2015

Video and Photo Gallery Follow the Text Being a parent is hard work, but it definitely has its upsides that make it all worth it. The smiles, the unconditional love and, of course, the chance to share some of your… [ read more ]

Apparently, Cats Love Stripper Poles

August 19 2015

If you were evaluating house pets by sexiness—I don’t know why you would be doing, that but bear with me here—everyone knows that cats would definitely be crowned the champion. Dogs are too slobbery, hamsters smell terrible and aquarium dwellers… [ read more ]

Beyond the Ink: Samii Ryan x Alysha Nett Video Premiere

August 18 2015

Picture Gallery and Exclusive Video Follow the Text Alysha Nett checks in with us as often as her busy schedule will allow to give her insight on modeling, tattoos and art. She even throws in a recipe from time to… [ read more ]

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