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Traditional Tibetan Art

October 8 2015

“The process of thangka painting seems to parallel tattoo art like no other art-form. Like tattooing, the process is thousands of years old.  If done correctly, the paint is hand-mixed with mineral pigments. Artists make their own canvas using natural… [ read more ]

G.R.I.N.D – Tiffini Truth

October 5 2015

An artist can come in many forms, but rarely do we see one who completely defies what we know to be personal expression. Tiffini Truth, a former Inked Life model turned performance artist, brings an act that you’ve never seen… [ read more ]

Watch Sarah Mudle Rip Off Her Own Head

September 30 2015

We’re mere hours away from October which means that tattooed model Sarah Mudle is about to begin her annual countdown to Halloween. As we showed you last year, Mudle gives herself a new look each day leading up to her… [ read more ]

Lena Dunham’s Tattooed Simpsons’ Character Gets High With Homer

September 30 2015

Lena Dunham has a lot going on lately. The actress just launched a newsletter called Lenny alongside Jenni Konner, the fifth season of HBO’s Girls premieres in January 2016, and she made her cartoon debut on The Simpsons. Let us break it down for you: What is… [ read more ]

Celebrate Oktoberfest with this Boob Twerking Video

September 28 2015

This video is literally everything I love in one place—sexy tattooed women, yodeling, Oktoberfest and beer. I am also assuming that there must be some sauerkraut and bratwurst somewhere in the back ground since it an Oktoberfest video. Instead of… [ read more ]

You Need to See Conan’s New Tattoo

September 25 2015

Conan O’Brien is known for a lot of things—his goofy dance moves, his shock of red hair, his continual tormenting of poor Andy Richter—but he’s never been known as a tattoo aficionado. Until now that is. After losing a game… [ read more ]

See How Ink Helped A Woman Recover from Bulimia

September 24 2015

From the time that she was very young Hilary Koo struggled with bulimia. In After Bulimia, a short documentary by the Mental Health Channel, Koo explains how she was able to recover from the eating disorder after years battling it. Koo… [ read more ]

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