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Tattoo Timelapse – Sirris Slay

July 31 2015

Let the hate flow through you as you embrace the dark side of the Force and watch this killer Tattoo Timelapse from Sullen TV. Sirris Slay tattoos a portrait of the baddest man in the universe, Darth Vader. You can… [ read more ]

Watch Papoose, Dutch Capital and Others Show Off Their Freestyle Skills

July 30 2015

Few things are more impressive than watching a talented rapper lay down a sick freestyle jam, you just can’t help but stand back in awe. As part of their “Out of the Blue” summer music campaign Pepsi took a trip… [ read more ]

Jon Mesa, Tattoo Artist, “A Day In the Life” Video

July 23 2015

Photo Gallery and Video Follow the Text Jon Mesa stands on the backpieces of giants (in his Converse Chuck Taylor All Star IIs). Mesa, one of the greatest contemporary tattoo artists respects the past tattooers and, with his take on… [ read more ]

Empire State Tattoo Expo Recap

July 21 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text and Video On the weekend of July 10th tattoo artists and collectors made their way to the Midtown Hilton in NYC for the NY Empire State tattoo Expo presented by Inked Magazine. The talent per… [ read more ]

Meet The Best Grandma in the World

July 21 2015

Normally stories that begin like this one don’t have happy endings. A 79-year-old woman went missing from the nursing home after wandering off without warning. When she eventually returned home she had a mark on her arm…. her very first… [ read more ]

NSFW: Someone Got a Tattoo of the Uniqlo Sex Tape

July 17 2015

Photo Gallery Follows Text A guy and gal took to a Uniqlo fitting room located in Beijing’s ritzy Sanlitun shopping district to do the dirty. Whether or not this was their intention, the video surfaced on the internet and captured the… [ read more ]

WATCH: New Coca-Cola Campaign is Eye-Opening in Prejudicial Times

July 15 2015

If chills don’t sweep your skin in the first two seconds (unlikely), the hair on the back of your neck will stand at the 1:11 mark, we promise. Coca-Cola Middle East launched the famous red and white can free of any label or… [ read more ]

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