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Ray Liotta Talks About Meeting a Fan with a Liotta Tattoo

January 7 2016

Here at Inked we spend a lot of time introducing you to amazing artists and reminding people that good work ain’t cheap. If this Ray Liotta fan had only listened to us he wouldn’t have been shamed in front of… [ read more ]

Henry Rollins Joins Stephen Colbert for A Hardcore Christmas Carol

December 17 2015

It’s easy to tell when Christmas is getting near. Lights are hung from every tree, the weather starts to get cold, there is an overall sense of cheer in the air and, of course, Henry Rollins is screaming his way… [ read more ]

Rita Ora Does a Sexy Jingle Bell Rock

December 14 2015

Rita, your jingle bells rock.  Rita Ora‘s tattooed goodies do the naughty Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock” dance routine for Love magazine’s 12 days of Advent. Just like in the movie that the world will never tire of, Ora bumped into the boom box, causing the… [ read more ]

WATCH: Tattooed at 11,000 Feet

December 10 2015

What happens when a tattoo artist and an adrenaline junkie jump out of a plane? Some gnarly tattooing takes place mid-air, of course. Both Canadian natives, Nadine Elaine and tattoo artist Shannon Claydon, decided to elevate their tattoo game on October… [ read more ]

Sara X’s Boobs Are Twerking Hard for the Holidays

December 9 2015

Famed boob twerker Sara X posted new naughty videos just in time for Christmas and now the world is a merrier, brighter place. You probably remember her video from last Christmas, we know that we could never forget it. Watch her shake… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Rihanna Straddles and Tattoos Somebody For Her Album Campaign

December 9 2015

In case you haven’t heard—or seen—Rihanna has a new album coming out titled ANTI. The bad gal teamed up with Samsung to promote the LP by teasing the public with a video campaign, ANTIdiary. Each week, a new video is released in… [ read more ]

This Tattoo Artist Didn’t Let Being Born Without Arms Derail His Dream

December 8 2015

Photo Gallery and Video Follow the Text From an early age Brian Tagalog loved drawing and wanted to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. Tagalog put in a ton of work perfecting his artistic skills over the years and… [ read more ]

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