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You Have to Watch What Happens When This Woman Tries Body Suspension

September 18 2015

Gallery Follows the Text This video might make you sick. It might make you cringe. It might make your stomach turn and your eyes bulge. Or it might make you want to go out and try it for yourself. We… [ read more ]

Learn An Easy Way to Conceal Your Tattoos

September 18 2015

It goes without saying that tattooed people are very proud of their ink, as well they should be. But every once in a while you may want to conceal those tattoos. Perhaps it’s for a job interview, maybe you’re in… [ read more ]

London Reese Tattoos Nicholas from Walk the Moon

September 17 2015

London Reese, one of the most impressive color realism tattoo artists in the world, has created his own YouTube series called “Backstage Ink.” The series documents Reese as he tattoos some of the coolest musicians around, in this episode he… [ read more ]

Amber Rose Takes the Walk of No Shame

September 15 2015

The Walk of Shame—we all know the term and (hopefully) have experienced it on more than a few occasions. For years we have been arguing that there is no reason for there to be shame involved; your accomplishment of having… [ read more ]

WATCH: The Moon Cult’s Racy New Video

September 9 2015

When it comes to turning you on the people over at The Moon Cult are Jedi Masters. In their brand new video entitled “Nympho,” model Camimi Palomeque Bomba lets us play voyeur as she gets ready for a night letting… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse – Feel

September 8 2015

We love it when a good tattoo comes together. In the latest Tattoo Timelapse from SullenTV you can watch as lettering guru Feel creates a beautiful piece of art featuring multiple different types of script. The French tattoo artist painstakingly… [ read more ]

The World’s Scariest Tattoo Removal

September 4 2015

As much as we try to prevent them from happening, bad tattoos exist. And since tattoos are around for your entire life when you suffer the misfortune of a bad tattoo you usually want to get rid of the offensive… [ read more ]

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