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The Kills Tattoo Their Fans To Promote New Album

July 7 2016

In the ever-changing record industry bands are struggling to find new ways to market their albums. Even the most fervent fans seem reluctant to purchase albums this day, why not sweeten the deal by giving them a free tattoo at… [ read more ]

Meet The Tattooed Man With Cerebral Palsy That Defies All Limits

July 5 2016

Ben Oxley is a 28-year-old badass with a taste for good tattoos and a need for adrenaline highs. He was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), but that doesn’t stop him from jet skiing, skydiving or getting tattooed. In fact, his condition—and… [ read more ]

Tattooed Male Model Gets Naked For Donald Trump in Times Square

June 30 2016

Krit McClean, a 21-year-old male model who was a student at Columbia University, stripped naked in Times Square on the morning of Thursday, June 30, where he kicked and screamed for Donald Trump’s appearance. Wearing nothing but an elephant tattoo on his… [ read more ]

Flag Lips Are Major Key For the Fourth of July

June 29 2016

Getting ready for the Fourth of July is always a big deal. After all, we are celebrating America—it’s only right that we put together our best looks. Makeup tutorial videos might scare you (they scare me!) because they are so often… [ read more ]

Travis Barker’s UFC Bet May Lead to a TMZ Tattoo

June 28 2016

In the very rare moments when he isn’t playing drums for one of his seemingly endless number of bands, Travis Barker is a pretty big UFC fan. So when he was recently signing autographs prior to a Blink-182 show a… [ read more ]

Blind Artist ‘Can’t See Sh*t,’ Still Tattoos

June 16 2016

Warning: This story will make you feel like an asshole for all the times you blamed your lack of success on a swollen ankle. Facebook thinks advertising the documentary Can’t See Sh*t, the story of a blind artist, is a little profane. But… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Watch This Fantastic Artist Paint Van Gogh on Water

June 15 2016

Garip Ay is a Turkish artist with some serious skills. Using a method known as “ebru,” or decorative paper art, Ay creates a masterpiece by painting directly on to water. By adding colors to dark water Ay is able to… [ read more ]

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