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Ink at the Oscars

February 23 2015

The Academy Awards represent the biggest night in film each year as celebrities and iconic filmmakers all gather to look back at a year of cinematic history and dole out the coveted Oscar awards.  With such a massive, and highly… [ read more ]

Fresh Paint: Anthony Clarkson

February 20 2015

There is something very alluring about dark art. No, not the evil magic you find in fantasy novels like Harry Potter, but real macabre, gothic, and horror-style works of art by artists fascinated with those subject matters. In this episode… [ read more ]

Who Should Go Down in Tattoo History?

February 18 2015

Tattooing is becoming quite the popular art form nowadays, but it is still heavily rooted in ancient and tribal histories. While we know a lot about where tattooing came from and how it became the pop culture phenomenon that it… [ read more ]

Traditional Samoan Hand Tap Tattooing

February 16 2015

Ever wonder what getting a traditional hand-poked tattoo looks like?  Well, Sullen TV is here to show you!  In this latest episode of Tattoo Timelapse, Sullen TV got up close and personal with the work of Riccy Boy.  This phenomenal… [ read more ]

Inking Ireland

February 11 2015

We probably all know Ami James from his work with TLC‘s Miami Ink and NY Ink, but the celebrity tattooist and shop owner has broadened his horizons so much more since the initial airings of those shows. As the owner… [ read more ]

Under the Skin with Sullen Co-Owner Ryan Smith

February 10 2015

Sullen has become a huge name in the tattoo, art and alternative fashion industry.  They are known for their amazing artist collaborations, high quality t-shirts, and their great videos that give fans an inside look at the industry. In this… [ read more ]

Sara X: Love at First Twerk

February 9 2015

Regular twerking is so 2014.  Nowadays we want to see something a little more original.  Thankfully we have Sara X for that.  The gorgeous girl who popularized boob twerking is back with a new twerk-tastic video just in time for… [ read more ]