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Tattoo Topic: Social Media Comments

February 5 2015

Social media is a key element to promoting a tattoo artist’s portfolio, so many of the top artists in the industry have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter filled with images of their latest ink.  While some artists have now… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse: Steve Soto

February 4 2015

Want to know what it would be like to get tattooed by black and grey wizard Steve Soto?  Well now Sullen TV gives you an inside look at one of Soto’s latest tattoo sessions in this episode of Tattoo Timelapse…. [ read more ]

Fresh Paint with Pop Surrealist Richard J. Oliver

February 2 2015

The modern tattoo industry is filled to the brim with incredible artists from all over the world ranging in a variety of styles that seem to almost transcend what can be done on skin.  Though this industry is typically dominated… [ read more ]

Crazy Ruben’s Collection for the Ages

January 30 2015

Some people collect baseball cards, others collect stamps. “Crazy” Ruben Contreras has a far more badass collection. Contreras collects tattoos and he has some incredibly sick work to say the least. Hailing from Southern California it is no surprise that… [ read more ]

Tattoo Topic: Heavy or Light Handed?

January 29 2015

Is there really such a thing as being heavy handed or light handed when tattooing someone?  Does a particular artist or style mean that a tattoo could hurt more or less, regardless of the body placement?  Sullen TV wanted to… [ read more ]

Ladies in Ink: Behind the Scenes

January 29 2015

Want to know what it’s like to go behind the scenes of an INKED cover shoot?  Well Sullen TV has the inside footage as they take you through the day of INKED Australia’s photo shoot with some of our favorite… [ read more ]

Keepin’ It Traditional

January 27 2015

It’s a well known fact that getting a tattoo on the top of your foot is going to hurt, but day in and day out we constantly see some amazing foot tattoos coming out of the tattoo industry.  Jacob Doney,… [ read more ]