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Ink Master Presents “New Year’s Ink”

December 29 2014

Last week, Ink Master brought you the tattoo special of the holiday season, “Merry Ink.”  Now as 2015  approaches, Ink Master is back to give four artists one more shot at redemption with “New Year’s Ink.”  This Tuesday, December 30,… [ read more ]

Ink Master Presents “Merry Ink”

December 23 2014

  Tonight, Tuesday, December 23, Ink Master is back for a very special holiday episode!  “Merry Ink” is a one-night event bringing back some of your favorite Ink Master alumni to battle it out for a $10,000 prize. The contestants… [ read more ]

Tattoo Topic: Chatty Clients

December 16 2014

Is it okay to be extra talkative when you’re getting tattooed? Sullen TV presents their latest episode of Tattoo Topic to get an inside look at what some of the best artists in the industry think of chatty clients.  Bernadette… [ read more ]

KORN Premieres Video Featuring Inked Fan

December 16 2014

From the day that their first album came out up to today the metal group KORN has had a rabidly loyal fan base. Now the band is paying tribute to those legions of devoted fans by premiering a series of… [ read more ]

A Very Sara Xmas

December 8 2014

Sara X and her very talented chest are back just in time to celebrate the holidays! You certainly remember Sara X from her previous videos and her memorable Inked Girls profile, but you’ve never seen her like this. Have a… [ read more ]

Convention Coverage: South Coast Tattoo Show

December 8 2014

Costa Mesa is a beautiful, laid back California town, making it the perfect site for the annual South Coast Tattoo Show.  Sullen TV presents an inside look at all that went down at this year’s convention, including getting some one-on-one… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse: Hailin Fu

November 25 2014

Getting a full back piece usually takes several sessions and a lot of attention to detail.  Typically weeks, months, or even years can separate a session from beginning to final product. In this latest episode of Tattoo Timelapse, Sullen TV… [ read more ]