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Tattoo Timelapse – Teneile Napoli

May 29 2015

If you are ever on the far side of the world in Australia you really need to stop into Garage Ink. In this shop on the outskirts of Brisbane you will find the immensely talented Teneile Napoli, the subject of… [ read more ]


May 29 2015

WATCH THE “BLINDSPOT” TRAILER AND VIEW IMAGES FROM THE SHOW BELOW THE TEXT Last night, while watching the new David Duchovny show “Aquarius” on NBC, a rare occurrence took place and I actually found myself watching commercials. I don’t remember… [ read more ]

Inked Presents Badass TV – Rob Zombie

May 28 2015

Inked is lucky to present the latest project from the modern day Renaissance man Evan Seinfeld, Badass TV. Whether he is rocking faces off in one of the many bands he has been in, like Attika 7, or playing a… [ read more ]

Exclusive: Avenue of the Giants “#FTW” Video Premiere

May 27 2015

MUSIC VIDEO BELOW THE TEXT The guys in Atlanta rock band Avenue of the Giants don’t mess around when it comes to making music videos. Their last video for their song “Burn” recently topped the IndiMusicTV video chart, and their… [ read more ]

Drugs, Money and Busty Bikini-Clad Cops in Miami Police Video

May 20 2015

Police officers have had more than their fair share of bad press lately. And now, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police Lt. Javier Ortiz has his own odd headline to deal with. He recently found a video online… [ read more ]

Learn How Laser Tattoo Removal Works in this Video

May 15 2015

You may remember a few months back when Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day showed us how exactly tattoo machines work. Throughout the fascinating slow motion video you can see how the needles deliver ink into the skin. It’s an… [ read more ]

The Pack A.D. ‘Animal’ – An Inked Exclusive Video Premiere

May 14 2015

Video and Photo Gallery Follow the Text Inked is pleased to host the exclusive premiere for the latest video by Vancouver-based rockers, The Pack A.D. The track is called “Animal” and the video was filmed in the band’s hometown and… [ read more ]

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