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Tattoo Collector – Johnny Cisneros

July 6 2015

With a nickname like “The Tattooed Terror” you wouldn’t guess that Johnny Cisneros was actually an affable, almost soft-spoken, guy. Cisneros sat down with SullenTV to discuss his tattoo collection and in the video the professional MMA fighter who is… [ read more ]

11 Funny Vine Videos About Tattoos

July 2 2015

Vine videos crack us up. Most of the time the short video clips leave us in stitches, especially when tattoos are involved. In this list we have gathered 11 of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. Click “Next Photo” to… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse – Bob Tyrrell

July 1 2015

Today’s SullenTV video is a tattoo timelapse featuring the legendary Bob Tyrrell. Any time you ask with a tattoo artist, particularly those who work in black-and-grey, about their influences Tyrrell’s name always comes up. Tyrrell has made his name by… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse – Russell James

June 25 2015

The Tattoo Timelapse series is easily one of the coolest things that Sullen TV does. It is so mesmerizing to see how these beautiful pieces of art come into being. In this edition a tattoo by the very talented Russell… [ read more ]

Portfolio Peek – Goethe

June 22 2015

It’s time you got to know Goethe. No, we’re not talking about the German writer from the 19th century, although Faust is pretty amazing. We’re talking about the tattoo artist known for making some of the sickest black-and-grey tattoos with a… [ read more ]

Tattoo Collector Torrie Lancaster

June 17 2015

We love the focus that has been placed on the tattoo collector in the last couple of years. We’ve always loved the artists that create the work, it’s about time that we pay attention to the people who collect all… [ read more ]

Portfolio Peek – Vero

June 12 2015

In this edition of SullenTV’s Porfolio Peek we get a chance to meet Montreal’s Vero. If you are into realistic tattoos, especially realistic tattoos of animals, Vero is an artist whose name you have to remember. While she works in… [ read more ]

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