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Category: blog

  • Fuck This Robot

    When we first heard that a group of French design students had found a way to modify a 3D printer and turn it into a tattoo machine we cocked our collective eyebrow in intrigue. After some more consideration we realized… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Cure Cancer

    Shortly after losing his father to lung cancer tattoo artist Adam Guyot had a dream that haunted him and eventually would spur him to jump into philanthropy. In the dream he saw a man wearing a shirt with the words… [ read more ]

  • Mannequins Get a Tattoo Makeover

    Inarguably the purpose of a department store mannequin is to draw attention to the clothing that it is wearing but this doesn’t mean that the mannequin itself can’t be visually interesting. One way that a New York department store is… [ read more ]

  • Kentucky Fan’s Tattoo Earns Him Free Tickets

    It appears as if tattoos are becoming the new vision boards for sports fans across the country. A couple of months back we covered a Seattle Seahawks fan that willed his team to a Super Bowl Championship by inking himself… [ read more ]

  • SullenTV: Under the Skin with Isaiah Negrete

    Isaiah Negrete is probably best known for his last name since he is the son of tattooing icon, Freddy Negrete, but over the last several years Isaiah has been proving that he can really hold his own in the industry…. [ read more ]

  • Sen. Ted Cruz Shows Off Churchill Tattoo

    It’s not everyday that a United States Senator goes onto a national television to show off his tattoos but that is exactly what Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, did when he appeared on “Fox and Friends.” Cruz rolled up his sleeve… [ read more ]

  • We’re Loving It

    When one of their pals became a bit of a lady’s man a group of Norwegian teenagers found a creative way to knock him down a peg by daring him to get an outlandish tattoo. Stian Ytterdahl was challenged by… [ read more ]