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Should More States Require Aftercare Info?

November 16 2015

The Huffington Post recently shared an opinion article from Live Science that argued tattoo shops nationwide should be required by law to inform their clients of proper aftercare instructions. Before dissecting the matter, know this: If you are in a… [ read more ]

Adam Levine Unveils New Back Piece

November 16 2015

The tattooed frontman of pop band Maroon 5 has done it again. Last night, on November 15th, Adam Levine added another tattoo to his growing collection. But it’s not much of a surprise that Levine would get another tattoo, especially… [ read more ]

Cate Blanchett Wears a ‘Tattoo Dress’ to New York Movie Premiere

November 16 2015

Fashion has been taking elements of culture and adapting them for the modern day consumers for decades. For example, you no longer need to go to EDC or Coachella to capture the free-spirited essence of a music festival, you can… [ read more ]

Video: The Tattooing Robot Has Been Improved

November 13 2015

Last year a group of design students responded to a challenge from the French Cultural Ministry and modified a 3D printer to turn it into a tattoo machine. The machine was able to tattoo an almost perfect circle onto the… [ read more ]

Would You Get Tattooed Through a Glory Hole?

November 12 2015

Imagine this scenario: First, you walk into a room with a 50-foot-long picket fence covered in drawings. As you admire the art you notice that in the center there is a small hole and a chair. You have a seat… [ read more ]

Tattoo Statistics

November 12 2015

How many people have tattoos? How much money do we spend on our ink each year? How common is it to get a cover up tattoo? If these are questions that have ever popped into your head—and I know that… [ read more ]

Tattooed Female Veterans + The History of Women in the US Armed Forces

November 11 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Nothing screams girl power quite like a woman serving the United States of America. According to the US Department of Defense, more than 200,000 women actively serve in the US Military; that is nearly 15 percent of… [ read more ]

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