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This Tattoo Artist Helped a Little Girl’s Dream Come True

June 23 2015

Hope Laliberte is our kind of kid. While most other 8-year-olds would be fighting with each other over which Disney princess they get to dress up as, Hope finds herself more drawn to the villains. It’s her love of Cruella… [ read more ]

Fill Your Bathroom With Flash

June 22 2015

Whoever told you that your bathroom needed to be boring was a liar. There is no reason that you can’t fill your bathroom with the same stylistic art that you have in your living room. Rip your plain old shower… [ read more ]

Help Legalize Tattooing in South Korea

June 22 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Given the proliferation of tattoo artists in the United States and the freedom they enjoy to ply their craft it’s easy to forget that in other countries tattooists aren’t so lucky. One somewhat surprising example of… [ read more ]

Tattooed Mom Banned From Breastfeeding by Australian Court

June 19 2015

An Australian court recently banned a 20-year-old mother from breast feeding her 11-month-old child because she been tattooed since giving birth. Judge Matthew Myers determined that by getting tattooed Ms. Jackson (A pseudonym used by the court to protect the… [ read more ]

The Death of the Heart

June 19 2015

At first glance the “La Mort de Coeur” Necklace by Alchemy of England, today’s InkedShop Product of the Day, looks like a standard heart shaped necklace. But don’t be fooled—take a closer look and you will see that Alchemy of… [ read more ]

Hilary Duff Releases ‘Tattoo’ Music Video

June 18 2015

Hilary Duff just released a casual little backyard video to accompany her new heartbreak track “Tattoo,” number ten off of her latest album Breathe In. Breathe Out. The entirety of the album, “Tattoo” especially, seems to be the response to… [ read more ]

A Delightfully Devilish Breakfast Treat

June 18 2015

Far too often my day begins by cramming some sort of energy bar/crappy gas station donut/off brand pop tart into my face and calling it “breakfast.” This is no way for an adult to live. The first meal of the… [ read more ]