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13 Times Hardcore Had an Off Day

September 5 2016

Can you be badass 24/7-365? Danzig, The Rock and Henry Rollins can’t. Please enjoy the softer moments of the hardcore.

Justin Bieber’s Tattoos Explained By Pee Wee Herman!

September 1 2016

In perhaps the best video you will see in the next five minutes Pee Wee Herman explains Justin Bieber’s favorite tattoos. From the geniuses at GQ comes this whimsical video featuring the Biebs’ ink and it is so funny that… [ read more ]

About Kane Brown’s Batman Tattoo

August 30 2016

Kane Brown’s Ex Inspired His Famous Batman Tattoo Take one look at Kane Brown’s chest tattoo, and you’ll assume the country singer is the world’s biggest Batman fan. After all, next to his sleeve and half-sleeve, Brown’s Batman tattoo on… [ read more ]

Don’t Tattoo Your Baby!

August 29 2016

Jason Clay Lewis got our attention by tattooing this baby. It is quite the jarring image, right? The artist used the bizarre canvas he calls the “Drill Baby” to get our attention about last year’s BP oil spill in the Gulf… [ read more ]

Ariana Grande’s Finger Tattoos

August 29 2016

Ariana Grande Follows in Mac Miller’s Footsteps, Gets Two New Tattoos Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend is rapper Mac Miller, and it appears the pop star may be taking a page from her beau’s book when it comes to tattoos, because… [ read more ]

RG3 Called Out For New Tattoo

August 29 2016

Joe Theismann Calls Out RG3 for His New Tattoo Dedicated to Girlfriend Grete Sadeiko Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III got a tattoo in honor of his new girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, and Joe Theismann, sports commentator and former quarterback for the… [ read more ]

Video: The Tool That Started Fineline Tattooing

August 24 2016

Don’t try this at home. Seriously. Below is a tutorial video for how to make a prison-style tattoo machine provided by A&E for its shocking new show 60 Days In. Tattooing in prison is done using only a pen, Walkman,… [ read more ]

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