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Rob Zombie Fires Back at Babymetal Haters Because ‘They roll harder than you’

May 11 2016

Rob Zombie shares one photo of himself with Babymetal and boom! The world goes wild. Zombie and Babymetal performed at Carolina Rebellion earlier in the month, and took a quick photo together—the horror. The daring picture really angered heavy metal fans. Zombie captioned… [ read more ]

Selena Gomez Rocking New Hip Tattoo Inspired by My Little Pony

May 11 2016

Selena Gomez looked beautiful as ever in the Louis Vuitton dress she wore to the Met Gala on May 2, but it was the off-duty look the 23-year-old donned after the fundraising ball that got our attention. Her black midi… [ read more ]

NYC Tattooer Jon Boy Has A Long List of Celebrity Clients

May 9 2016

Tattoo artist Jon Boy has quite an impressive list of celebrity clients, a few of whom are related to one another. Did you know the heartthrob in photo #4 was inked? Jon Boy doesn’t tattoo a bunch of nobodies, he… [ read more ]

Amazing 3,000-Year-Old Tattooed Mummy Discovered in Egypt

May 9 2016

A startling discovery has been made by an archaeologist working in Egypt’s famed Valley of the Kings—a mummy with elaborate illustrative tattoos. This is not the first time that a mummy with tattoos has been discovered in Egypt—there are many… [ read more ]

Justin Bieber Got A Really Small Face Tattoo

May 9 2016

Updated May 9, 2016 Justin Bieber didn’t keep his word when he told GQ he’d wait to get a face tattoo until he was middle-aged, unless he considers 22 to be “really old.” Bieber took a break from his Purpose world… [ read more ]

The Ultimate Cocktail Guide for Derby Day

May 6 2016

The first Saturday of May is quickly approaching and that can mean only one thing—The Kentucky Derby! Now, you don’t need to be interested in horse racing to have a great Derby Day, after all, the race is merely two… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Monami Frost Talks About Being A Tattooed Mom

May 5 2016

Tattooed moms just can’t help standing out from the crowd. It’s hard enough being a mom in 2016, dealing with the judgmental mom-cliques at the school pick-up certainly doesn’t make it any easier. A lot of moms blend in while… [ read more ]

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