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5 Piercings Women Want

July 17 2015

Having your belly button, nose, or upper cartilage pierced used to be what every woman wanted. By now everyone and their mother (literally) already has those piercings, if you want to stand out you’re going to have to do something… [ read more ]

Tyrann Mathieu Sweats It Out for PETA

July 16 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text After a long, cold winter people often forget that the heat of summer isn’t always delightful. In fact, sometimes it can be deadly, especially if you are a dog that has been left in the… [ read more ]

Filigree Tattoos

July 16 2015

For years filigree was used primarily in architecture or jewelry. Usually made of gold or silver wires the designs were quite popular in the 16th to 19th centuries. Now it is becoming popular once again, only this time the medium… [ read more ]

Tattooed Humans of New York Part One

July 15 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The following photographs need no introduction, as they come from New York Times bestselling author Brandon Stanton’s world famous blog Humans Of New York (@humansofny). The highly praised outlet has shared thousands of stories since its… [ read more ]

WATCH: New Coca-Cola Campaign is Eye-Opening in Prejudicial Times

July 15 2015

If chills don’t sweep your skin in the first two seconds (unlikely), the hair on the back of your neck will stand at the 1:11 mark, we promise. Coca-Cola Middle East launched the famous red and white can free of any label or… [ read more ]

Cow Tattoos

July 15 2015

Cows are good for so many things, like tipping. And steak. And tattoos. Wait, did I say tattoos? Yes, yes I did. It turns out that a lot of people are in love with cattle and they have gotten the… [ read more ]

The Bearded Dame – Harnaam Kaur

July 13 2015

“I wanted to show society that beauty isn’t just about looking a certain way, we are all so different and we should all celebrate our individuality.” – Harnaam Kaur Harnaam Kaur defies what “beauty” should be in the eyes of… [ read more ]

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