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Ariel Winter Got A Sexy Back Tattoo By Dr. Woo

July 12 2016

Dr. Woo has been very busy lately. His latest celebrity client, Ariel Winter, stopped by his shop on July 10 to add another tattoo to her tiny collection (we wonder if she ran into Miley while there?). The Doctor inked… [ read more ]

Miley Cyrus Just Got A Vegemite Tattoo For Liam Hemsworth

July 11 2016

Miley Cyrus’s tattoo collection is growing yet again! Hollywood’s young rebel paid a visit to one of her favorite artists, Dr. Woo, over the weekend and got another black-and-grey tiny tattoo on her upper left arm. The tattoo is of… [ read more ]

New Study Shows Earliest Tattoos Were Created With Volcanic Glass Tools

July 8 2016

Every time a tattoo artist fires up their machine and goes to work they are continuing a tradition of body modification that started thousands of years ago. And while it is easy to imagine people being tattooed thousands of years… [ read more ]

Chocolate Art That’s Almost Too Cool to Eat

July 7 2016

Happy International Chocolate Day!  What is your mom’s favorite treat? Her favorite dessert? Here favorite flavor ice cream? I bet it is a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and probably two scoops of hard chocolate ice… [ read more ]

The Kills Tattoo Their Fans To Promote New Album

July 7 2016

In the ever-changing record industry bands are struggling to find new ways to market their albums. Even the most fervent fans seem reluctant to purchase albums this day, why not sweeten the deal by giving them a free tattoo at… [ read more ]

People Are Tattooing Fruit—Here’s Why

July 7 2016

When life gives you lemons (or honeydew melons, bananas, grapefruits), tattoo them.  Tattooing fruit has been around for ages and is often one of the initial practices a mentor suggests to his or her apprentice. There are a few challenges… [ read more ]

French Bulldog Tattoos Are Just As Cute As Frenchies IRL

July 6 2016

Ever since Lady Gaga’s French bulldog, Asia, appeared on the pop star’s Instagram in 2014 it seems Frenchies are everywhere we look. In March 2015, Asia got an Instagram, @MissAsiaKinney (Kinney is Gaga’s fiance’s last name: Taylor Kinney.) Gaga’s pup with… [ read more ]

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