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Check Out Danny Trejo’s Super Bowl Commercial

January 30 2015

Danny Trejo, one of the baddest dudes in Hollywood, shows his rage and ink in a new Super Bowl commercial for Snickers. When we chatted with him a few years ago he gave us the skinny on his chest piece:… [ read more ]

Will This Seahawks Tattoo Be a Prophecy or an Epic Fail?

January 29 2015

Say what you want about the Seattle Seahawks but they certainly are confident. If you take one second to listen to Richard Sherman and other members of the Legion of Boom—a nickname for the team’s vaunted secondary—it is clear that… [ read more ]

Ripping Farts and Breaking Hearts with Wee Man

January 29 2015

Gallery Follows Text The Winter X Games were in full effect this past weekend in Aspen, and Monster Energy gave us an all access VIP pass to soak in all the snow, action sports, music and Monster we could handle…. [ read more ]

Dropkick Murphys Put Wisconsin Gov. Walker in His Place

January 26 2015

Here’s some free advice for politicians looking to make a run for the 2016 presidential nomination–before choosing music to play at your public appearances make sure that the artist you are blaring to pump up your crowd doesn’t “literally hate… [ read more ]

The Most Painful Tattoo We Can Imagine

January 23 2015

Imagine having a tattoo that you hate. Now, I don’t mean a tattoo that came out badly and you are bummed out about. Nor do I mean an ill-advised name tattoo honoring a person that is long gone from your… [ read more ]

Definitely Not a Swing and a Miss

January 23 2015

Today’s InkedShop Product of the Day is a sure home run for anyone looking to impress their special lady. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner men have to be on the lookout for the right gift. Instead of a… [ read more ]

Beyond the Ink – Alysha Nett Heats up the Kitchen

January 23 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Not many people know that I love to cook. It wasn’t always this way. In fact, I have plenty of ex-roommates that banned me from the kitchen on multiple occasions, ha. I’ve graduated from microwavable food… [ read more ]