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Aydian Dowling Attempts to Make History

June 2 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Every year hundreds of very fit men vie to be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, so on the surface Aydian Dowling’s quest to be on the cover wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. Yet, what… [ read more ]

25 Tattoo Artists You Need To Know

June 2 2015

With the recent explosion of the tattooing industry there are seemingly tens of thousands of tattoo artists out there and every one of them is active on social media. It can become quite daunting trying to figure out which ones… [ read more ]

Anthony Bourdain Gets New Tattoo in Malaysia

June 2 2015

GALLERY OF BOURDAIN’S TATTOOS BELOW THE TEXT If you’ve ever watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows, then you know that they’re not just about experiencing the food of other cultures, but also about experiencing the cultures themselves. Recently, Bourdain… [ read more ]

Mastodon Goes North of the Wall on ‘Game of Thrones’

June 1 2015

Rock critics have been trying to pinpoint where exactly Mastodon’s brutal sound comes from for years to no avail, but viewers of Game of Thrones learned the secret last night. While we had previously believed that the metal band hailed from… [ read more ]

Can You Believe What the Green Power Ranger Looks Like Now?

May 29 2015

Despite what they might say now, everyone watched The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers when they were younger. I remember rushing across streets without looking on my way home from school as I tried to make it in time for the start… [ read more ]

Red Alert: Study Shows Possible Link Between Ink and Chronic Skin Irritation

May 29 2015

Everyone who has ever been tattooed knows that you start thinking about the next one before you have even removed the wrap from the last one. As you sit and ponder your next piece of ink a new survey has… [ read more ]

15 Hilarious Tattoo Related Webcomics

May 28 2015

While the days of the comic strip may be in the past don’t think that there aren’t a ton of hilarious comics still being made. Instead of newsprint the medium is the internet but they are just as funny as… [ read more ]