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An Examination of New York’s Single-Use Ink Law

September 15 2015

When Inked first heard about the changes to New York State law that would require single-use ink to be used in tattooing we reached out to Tattoo Lou to get an insider’s opinion about the effects the law would have on… [ read more ]

Spliffin – The Gold Standard

September 15 2015

In an increasingly crowded space, Spliffin’s premium vaping concentrates, hardware and unparalleled service continue to lead their field. With the release of its newest strain Dante’s Fire, the new signature varietal from Spliffin’s OG line of genetics and a new slim… [ read more ]

Caring for a Tattoo The Cruelty-Free Way

September 14 2015

For those who have made the choice to go Vegan, you know full well that finding cruelty-free alternatives to your most trusted products isn’t easy, especially when it comes to tattoo aftercare. Most tattoo artists will recommend Aquaphor and A&D… [ read more ]

The Fantastic New School Dinosaurs of Matt Driscoll

September 11 2015

This summer marked the release of the highly anticipated film, Jurassic World. Set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World tells the story of a theme park of genetically modified dinosaurs and what happens when the big… [ read more ]

Peony Tattoos

September 11 2015

A popular subject in Japanese Traditional tattoos, the peony is meant to symbolize nobility and wealth. Japanese tattoo artists often drew their inspiration from ukiyo-e style illustrator, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, whose designs shaped what we know of the Japanese style of… [ read more ]

Ground Hero

September 11 2015

NYPD Officer Kevin Tassey’s Chilling Yet Uplifting 9/11 Experience As told to Kirstie Kovats Shredding through the forearm of retired NYPD officer Kevin Tassey are metal biomechanical gears (done by Daniel Marshall), but beneath that armor is a hero made… [ read more ]

9/11 Memorial Tattoos

September 11 2015

Part of the magic of tattoos is that they can often help people mentally recover from traumatizing events, including the loss of loved ones. Thus, many people coped with the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 by getting ink. Many… [ read more ]

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