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7 Geeky Beers

May 4 2015

Is Monday morning too early to be thinking about drinking? I think we all know the answer to that. Especially when this particular Monday is a very special holiday for those of us who are proud to be nerds. Check… [ read more ]

Floyd Mayweather Hits the Ring in Style Thanks to Dapper Dan

May 1 2015

Gallery Follows the Text High fashion and boxing are two things that the average person wouldn’t ever expect to go together. Well, Floyd Mayweather isn’t your average boxer and he sure doesn’t dress like one either. When the undefeated boxer… [ read more ]

8 Spring Music Festivals You Need to Know

May 1 2015

There used to be a time when people talked about a music festival season. Back in that day, they were usually referring to the summer—when it makes perfect sense to have an all-day music event because kids aren’t in school…. [ read more ]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With This Booze-Filled Pinata

May 1 2015

If you’re like me, you really don’t need an excuse to drink. However, it is a little harder to come up with an excuse to buy a piñata. Now, thanks to Nipyata, those two things are finally combined—and just in… [ read more ]

This Guy Who Punched A Bear Is Tougher Than You

April 30 2015

You probably think you’re pretty tough, huh? Well, are you as tough as Carl Moore, the 73-year-old California man who punched a bear in the face? Didn’t think so. CBS Sacramento reports that Moore heard his dog whimpering outside, and… [ read more ]

Andrew W.K. To Host Show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Radio Network

April 28 2015

GALLERY OF ANDREW W.K.’S WORDS OF WISDOM BELOW THE TEXT Former Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck just announced that his news, opinion and entertainment network, TheBlaze, is expanding with TheBlaze Radio Network. While some may think that’s not a… [ read more ]

Celebrate Sailor Jerry’s Naval Days With Limited Edition Bottle

April 28 2015

This May, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum will be unveiling a brand new, limited edition Military Wrap bottle just in time for Memorial Day. Much like the regular Sailor Jerry bottle that we all know and love the main design comes from… [ read more ]