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Ink From New York Comic Con

October 12 2015

Last weekend tens of thousands of people packed the Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan to attend the 2015 New York Comic Con. Among the enormous celebration of pop culture were a ton of people who weren’t just… [ read more ]

Top 12 Haunted Houses in the USA

October 12 2015

Gallery Follows the Text How do you feel about paying money to face your biggest fears? Are you a fan of gore? Guts? How about torture ranging from psychological mind games to physically being caged like a wild animal? The United… [ read more ]

Roseburg Strong – An Artist Does His Part to Help a Grieving Community

October 9 2015

Up until last week Roseburg, Ore., was mostly anonymous outside of the Pacific Northwest. On October 1st the rural town became known to the rest of the nation when a shooter opened fire at Umpqua Community College leaving 10 people… [ read more ]

The Amazing Body Painting of Twistin’ Bangs

October 8 2015

Corie Willet, more commonly known as Twistin’ Bangs, creates the most amazing costumes using body paint. Every single look that she comes up with makes our collective jaw drop with the creativity and skill required to create it. We’ve gathered… [ read more ]

Astrological Tattoos

October 7 2015

Gallery Follows the Text You don’t have to believe in horoscopes or fortunes or psychics to enjoy a good tale that tells of the type of person you are. If my daily horoscopes came true, I’d be a millionaire with a… [ read more ]

Bieber Debuts His New Album Title With Ink

October 7 2015

Bieber has done it again! America’s favorite tween heartthrob turned tattooed rebel has caught our attention yet again with the debut of some fresh ink, and this time it has nothing to do with ex love Selena Gomez . On… [ read more ]

World Beard and Moustache Championships 2015

October 7 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text It’s safe to say that facial hair has become extremely popular in the society that we live in. In the past facial hair including—but not limited to—beards, moustaches, and sideburns were used as a way to… [ read more ]

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