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Memorial Tattoos Using a Loved One’s Ashes

April 5 2016

12 Amazing Memorial Tattoos Using a Loved One’s Ashes, Your Heart Will Melt When You see #6 If you are looking for memorial tattoo ideas we really must recommend a new innovation—memorial tattoos using a loved one’s ashes. When a… [ read more ]

Prison Break Star Puts Haters in their Place with Candid Letter on Depression, Body-Shaming

April 1 2016

A meme featuring Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller was recently shared online by The LAD Bible, in an attempt to poke fun at the actor’s fluctuating weight, and the 43-year-old has hit back at haters in the most positive and thought-provoking way possible,… [ read more ]

A Donald Trump Tattoo That Will Blow Your Mind

April 1 2016

Video Follows the Text Here at we spend every waking second of our days looking at tattoos—good tattoos, bad tattoos, sexy tattoos, silly tattoos, scary tattoos and every other type of tattoo you can imagine. So take that into… [ read more ]

T.I. and Tiny Welcome Baby Girl And Share Photos of Tattooed Belly

March 31 2016

Everybody put your hands together for Clifford “T.I.” Harris and wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris! The inked couple welcomed baby girl #Lucky7 (official name has yet to be confirmed) to the world on March 26. Their new daughter was not expected for… [ read more ]

Odell Beckham Jr. Shows Off Enormous Back Piece by Bang Bang

March 28 2016

To begin, a warning for fans of the New York Giants—don’t read too much into your star wide receiver’s new tattoo lest you want to get depressed about the possible symbolism found within. With that out of the way, have… [ read more ]

15 Tattoos Celebrating Recovery

March 23 2016

Our mental health can be a fragile thing. It often takes amazing strength to beat addiction. Sometimes it helps to have motivational reminders around… what better way than a visual reminder in a tattoo. Tattoos can inspire and celebrate recovery…. [ read more ]

Nerdy, Dirty, Inked and Curvy

March 21 2016

It wasn’t all that long ago when being a nerd was something that people felt ashamed about. But thanks to the mass popularity of nerd culture—a quick glance at the top 20 grossing films of all time might be a… [ read more ]

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