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Why Should You Date a Tattooed Person?

April 23 2015

Tattooed people are just like everyone else—behind the tough looking exterior there is a gooey romantic who just wants to find their special someone. Sure, they may prefer reveling over their new matching skull tattoos at a dive bar over… [ read more ]

What Does Your Emoji Tattoo Say About You?

April 23 2015

Mobile communications company Swiftkey recently released their “Emoji Report.” After they studied over one billion pieces of Android and iOS data from 16 different languages and regions, some interesting facts have been revealed about localized emoji use. Some stats are… [ read more ]

9 Kids Who Are More Metal Than Your Kids

April 22 2015

If I have to read another Facebook status about how metal your kids are, I’m going to bite the head off of a bat. You think your kids are metal? These nine kids below might have something to say about… [ read more ]

10 Earth Day Pictures That Will Scare or Inspire You

April 22 2015

In case you hadn’t noticed, today is Earth Day. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s probably because you hate the Earth and so do all your friends on your Facebook feed. Maybe you need a little push. Take a look at… [ read more ]

Did Neymar Steal David Beckham’s Tattoo Design?

April 21 2015

GALLERY FOLLOWS TEXT Apparently when they aren’t on the pitch dominating every other team in Spain’s Primera Division the members of Barcelona like to spend their time at the tattoo shop. In a Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain both… [ read more ]

This Company Wants to Tattoo Your Kids

April 21 2015

Stories about kids wanting and getting tattoos before they’re old enough are constantly popping up around the internet. This one actually has a positive spin. Lindsay and Anthony Lane, a couple from Minnesota, noticed that their son Nigel developed a… [ read more ]

Under Breast Tattoos

April 20 2015

There are an almost limitless number of places on the body where one can get tattooed. Yet, no matter how many new places we see people getting tattooed there is one area that we just cannot get enough of—right under… [ read more ]