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Taxidermy with a Twist

August 6 2015

We’ve all seen taxidermy in the past, usually in the form of a deer head mounted on a wall. Perhaps a stuffed bear if you’ve been hanging out in really exotic places. But we guarantee you have never seen taxidermy… [ read more ]

Margot Robbie Rocks A Pink Wig and (Fake) Tattoos

August 6 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text When you’re one of the most beautiful women to grace the silver screen it can be more than a little difficult to go out in public without being recognized. Sometimes a little subterfuge is needed,… [ read more ]

Reverse Graffiti

August 6 2015

Surfing through the inter webs always leads us to the most interesting and unusual findings. Today while we ventured through, we found an article about an eco-mural in Poland. According to the article at, a Polish Energy Group has hired… [ read more ]


August 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Seriously, the following 11 #tattooedgirlproblems are SO TRUE. Only inked girls know what it’s like to adjust our assets so our ink is better aligned. Or to be hit on solely because of our tattoos. From downright… [ read more ]

The Most Extreme Thing You Will See All Day

August 5 2015

For 99.9% of the Earth’s population BASE jumping—parachuting from a structure or cliff—is far too dangerous of an activity to take up. On the other hand, daredevil Josh Miramant needed to do something a little more intense to get the… [ read more ]

Tattoos For The Hopeless Romantic

August 5 2015

Showing emotions publicly can be extremely hard for some, especially when that emotion is related to romance. While some people are able to just blurt out how they feel at a moment’s notice, some people choose to express themselves in… [ read more ]

15 Tattoo Artists from the UK You Should Follow on Instagram

August 4 2015

It is extremely easy to get lost and confused while exploring the internet in search of good tattoo artists. Thankfully for you, it is our job to be your spirit guide throughout your journey. Today we’re going to help you… [ read more ]

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