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15 Tattoo Artists from the UK You Should Follow on Instagram

August 4 2015

It is extremely easy to get lost and confused while exploring the internet in search of good tattoo artists. Thankfully for you, it is our job to be your spirit guide throughout your journey. Today we’re going to help you… [ read more ]

The Snarky Side of the Force

August 4 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Mark Hamill gets it. The first notable role Hamill ever had was in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker and in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people he will always be that boy from Tatooine…. [ read more ]

Celebrity Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them

August 4 2015

The only thing that we love more than seeing tattoos on our favorite celebrities is learning the stories behind all the ink. We’ve collected some of our favorite celebs and tell the tale behind one of their famous tattoos in… [ read more ]

Unconventional Piercings

August 3 2015

Just like tattoos, piercings are another great way to express yourself, and here at the Inked office we support that freedom 100 percent. In the past we’ve covered both popular and less common piercings, like Piercings Women Want and Eyelid Piercings…. [ read more ]

Creative Tattoo Masks

July 30 2015

We love masks. Sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re scary, but they’re always fun. Wouldn’t be cool to have a mask you can throw on at a moment’s notice? That’s what these tattoos do! Put your hand over your mouth and,… [ read more ]

All Hail The Metal Chef

July 29 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text John Hurkes is a triple threat: he’s the Chef de Partie at a gastro-pub in Minneapolis called the Bulldog N.E., he has killer tattoos and great taste in music. It’s these three qualities combined that… [ read more ]

17 Chola Tattoos

July 29 2015

This list is all about Southern California style where one of the most popular tattoo subjects happens to be beautiful women. Whether you call them chola tattoos, hyna tattoos, or simply tattoos of gorgeous women they are fantastic. Enjoy this… [ read more ]

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