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  • Tattoo Madness Tournament – Black and Grey Round 1

    This is our favorite month of the year for one simple reason: March Madness, well, and booze-soaked St. Patrick’s Day. While we love filling out brackets for the NCAA Tournament and throwing our paychecks into more pools than there are… [ read more ]

  • Take a Crash Course in Tattoo History with ‘Tattoo Nation’

    If you’re like us you used to spend history class doodling tattoo ideas on the fringes of your notebook while barely paying attention to the lecture. There is a rich and interesting history behind the tattoo industry in the United… [ read more ]

  • 5 Things to Think About Before Getting Pierced

    Ruben Martinez has been piercing people out of Alien Modification Professional Piercing in San Diego, Calif., for over five years. In that time Martinez has learned what people should be looking for—and more importantly what they should look out for—when… [ read more ]

  • Stylish Riot Gear: The Clothes, Music and Ink of LA Riots Founder Daniel Linton

    Despite being the man behind world-renowned EDM act LA Riots, resident DJ at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and co-owner of lifestyle brand Massiv Daniel Linton has one thing in common with pretty much everyone in the world; he still spends… [ read more ]

  • Eagulls: Into the Bad Lads Army

    The last thing that one expects to hear from an up-and-coming post-punk band with hardcore roots is that they are anxious to meet Bill Murray. But, on a Wednesday afternoon, bassist Tom Kelly of Eagulls sat in the Inked Office… [ read more ]

  • Star Wars Tattoo by Quilskat

    The Russian artist Quilskat has created a project inspired by both Star Wars and Russian tattoo culture entitled Star Wars Tattoo. Quilskat is based out of Ekaterinburg, Russia, and has done many projects influenced by pop culture and comics that can all… [ read more ]

  • Fifty State Tattoos (And D.C. Too!)

    People tend to get tattoos of things they are proud of. Often times this means getting ink to commemorate the birth of a child or to celebrate a life achievement. It is also quite common for people to get tattoos… [ read more ]