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Westeros Ink: Game of Thrones Characters With Tattoos

April 12 2016

Ten of your favorite Game of Thrones characters get tattooed makeovers, #9 will have you in stitches with laughter. There aren’t a lot of tattoos in Westeros (the fictional setting of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones), but when you are… [ read more ]

Glenn Hetrick – The Man Behind the Monsters

April 10 2016

Glenn Hetrick has devoted his life to making your wildest nightmares come to life. Have you ever imagined the horror of watching a loved one’s guts ripped open by a voracious zombie? Hetrick is the guy you turn to if… [ read more ]

It’s Time to Free the Nipple

April 7 2016

Have you ever wondered why men are allowed to walk around shirtless damn near anywhere that they want to while women are forced to cover up in public? It turns out that the answer to that question is not only incredibly… [ read more ]

Paris Jackson’s Tattoo Honoring Her Dad, Michael Jackson

April 7 2016

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, got two new tattoos in just 24 hours. The pixie-cut blonde could hardly wait to get some ink after celebrating her 18 birthday on April 3. We feel your pain, lady! The first of her two… [ read more ]

VIDEO: Learn How To Become An Old School Tattoo

April 6 2016

Searching for makeup tutorials that won’t give you Kylie Jenner’s lips or Carrie Underwood’s smokey eye is tricky. So we turned to YouTube sensation Lex of Made U Look in an effort to avoid being basic and trendy and to start being… [ read more ]

Memorial Tattoos Using a Loved One’s Ashes

April 5 2016

12 Amazing Memorial Tattoos Using a Loved One’s Ashes, Your Heart Will Melt When You see #6 If you are looking for memorial tattoo ideas we really must recommend a new innovation—memorial tattoos using a loved one’s ashes. When a… [ read more ]

Prison Break Star Puts Haters in their Place with Candid Letter on Depression, Body-Shaming

April 1 2016

A meme featuring Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller was recently shared online by The LAD Bible, in an attempt to poke fun at the actor’s fluctuating weight, and the 43-year-old has hit back at haters in the most positive and thought-provoking way possible,… [ read more ]

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