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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Milly & Earl

    Every man is far too aware of that sinking feeling in their gut that comes when they realize Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and they have not the slightest clue what to buy for their special lady. You could ask… [ read more ]

  • ‘King of Ink Land’ Denied Passport Due to Name

    When one of the United Kingdom’s most tattooed citizens was denied a passport by the HM Passport Office one might assume that his extensive body art might have been part of the reason and you would be correct, sort of…. [ read more ]

  • What Would Jesus Tattoo?

    The controversy over an ad campaign featuring a tattooed image of Jesus Christ is headed to a Texas courtroom. Since it’s unveiling the campaign has raised eyebrows but it was the refusal to run the ads by the Lubbock Independent… [ read more ]

  • Quiz: What Kind of Tattoo Are You?

    Don’t let a website tell you who or what you are. You are a unique individual who can’t be boiled down by answering nine multiple choice questions. Remind your friends that they are independent people too. Post this link to… [ read more ]

  • Czech Out This Inked Politician

    It’s easy to become disillusioned with politics when every candidate seems to be exactly the same; both in how they act as politicians and frankly in how they look. Sometimes it seems like the well-tailored suit is running for office… [ read more ]

  • Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures

    In his book Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures and Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs Paul Koudounaris tells the tale of the skeletons of martyred saints that were discovered in the catacombs under Rome in the late 16th century. The skeletons were covered with… [ read more ]

  • The Art of Megan Lara

    The amazingly talented artist Megan Lara sits down with to discuss her art, her love of pop culture and her tattoo work done by another creative mind, Jessie Hopeless of Exile Tattoo in Kansas City. When not commissioned what compels you… [ read more ]