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Amazingly Decorated Casts, Braces and Prosthetics

September 24 2015

After a major surgery or accidental broken bone, the healing time can feel like an eternity. One way to make that time pass a little more quickly is by adding a little pizzazz to your new friend Mr. Cast or Miss… [ read more ]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

September 24 2015

Well, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, the smell of pumpkin flavored everything (absolutely everything) fills the air, and the mornings are getting a bit colder each day; it is officially autumn. Which means the most… [ read more ]

Sasha Unisex Helps Reinvent the Temporary Tattoo

September 23 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Once reserved for concerts, children’s birthday parties, and grocery store vending machines, the temporary tattoo has recently taken a fresh approach to non-permanent ink. The online shop Tattoo You offers temporary tattoos designed by world famous tattoo… [ read more ]

Convention Coverage: Palm Trees and Tattoos

September 21 2015

If we had an infinite amount of time and money we wouldn’t miss a single tattoo convention. There are so many tattoo artists to be seen and great work to witness. Unfortunately this is real life, we can’t be everywhere… [ read more ]

Bob’s Burgers Tattoos

September 21 2015

When Fox debuted Bob’s Burgers in January of 2011, they must have had a feeling it would become an instant classic. Starring Bob Belcher and his family of quirky characters, viewers can’t help but fall in love with every member of… [ read more ]

A Tattoo Artist’s Take on the Ink-centric ‘Blindspot’

September 18 2015

Unless you are a survivalist living in a bunker 50 meters underground you have seen advertisements for NBC’s “Blindspot.” In an epic marketing blitz NBC has covered every billboard, train station and website with images of actress Jaimie Alexander (playing… [ read more ]

Unbelievable Paper Quilling

September 16 2015

For those of you who do not know the term quilling, it is simply a type of ornamental craft performed by making pleats and folds with material. In this case we are talking about paper quilling! From a few simple… [ read more ]

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