Category: Culture

When Art and Science Collide

December 22 2014

My tenth grade chemistry teacher always said that science could be “badass” depending on how you look at it and where you apply it, which may have been the reason he let us blast Korn and Nirvana during lab sessions…. [ read more ]

Did Thomas Edison Invent the Tattoo Machine?

December 18 2014

Every school child knows that Thomas Edison was perhaps the most prolific inventor in the history of the United States. The light bulb? Edison. The phonograph? Edison. The telephone? Yep, you guessed it, Edison. This only scratches the surface of… [ read more ]

KORN Premieres Video Featuring Inked Fan

December 16 2014

From the day that their first album came out up to today the metal group KORN has had a rabidly loyal fan base. Now the band is paying tribute to those legions of devoted fans by premiering a series of… [ read more ]

NY Gov. Cuomo Outlaws Pet Tattoos

December 15 2014

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law on Monday morning that makes it illegal to tattoo or pierce a pet for “cosmetic reasons.” It goes without saying that many people will consider the law to be unnecessary… [ read more ]

The Only Tattoo Artist in Scotland (in 1925)

December 9 2014

Imagine what it would be like to be the one and only tattoo artist in your entire country. Pretty cool, right? Well, in 1925 Scottish tattoo artist Prince Vallar could lay claim to that title. ScotlandsPeople, a genealogy website run… [ read more ]

The Tattooed CEO

December 8 2014

Brian Grasso is a true Renaissance man. Grasso is a published poet, a former CEO of a large organization within the fitness industry, a motivational speaker, and a former performance coach. He also sports quite the collection of amazing ink…. [ read more ]

Star Wars Fan Gets Episode VII Ink A Year Before Premiere

December 1 2014

A lot of people have done some pretty outrageous things in the name of Star Wars fandom but few have shown the guts that Jordan Breckon has. In the tattoo equivalent of getting married on the first date, Breckon had… [ read more ]