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How Old Is Your Tattoo?

May 1 2015

If you are anything like me you have spent the last 24 hours playing on The Microsoft run website analyzes pictures that you upload to tell you the age and gender of the people in the photos. I have… [ read more ]

Awesome Origami Made of Money

April 30 2015

Tomorrow is the first of the month! For a lot of people, that means payday. You get that paycheck, put it in the bank, and all that money just piles up because you can’t think of anything to do with it…. [ read more ]

The Animated Face of Laura Jenkinson

April 30 2015

It’s easy to stand out in social media if you find a crazy niche in which to place yourself. And boy has Laura Jenkinson found a cool niche. The talented make up artist from London uses her skills to animate… [ read more ]

Mint Julep Recipes and Crazy Hats for a Decadent Kentucky Derby

April 30 2015

Gallery of Crazy Derby Hats Follows the Recipes The first Saturday in May is quickly approaching and that can mean only one thing—the Kentucky Derby. As Hunter S. Thompson famously said, the Kentucky Derby is a depraved and decadent affair… [ read more ]

Stupendous Stomach Tattoos

April 30 2015

We’ve shared a list of stomach tattoos with you in the past but there are so many amazing pieces that we needed to double down and share more with you. If you are looking to get a massive piece done… [ read more ]

Bonnie Rotten Topless in NYC for Inked

April 29 2015

Photo Gallery follows text and video Super-fucking-duper-porn starlet Bonnie Rotten was in the Inked offices for an upcoming Sex Issue shoot. While talking with the girl who lives her life (when not traversing the globe) mainly on the West Coast… [ read more ]

Fitness Model Anzhelika Anderson’s NSFW Gallery and Video

April 29 2015

NSFW Gallery Follows Text and Video Did you think that women as beautiful as Anzhelika Anderson get that way by sitting on their laurels all day? Of course not! You have to work to get a body that toned. In… [ read more ]