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Harley Quinn Tattoos

August 15 2016

Suicide Squad may have been a critical failure in theaters, but the faithful seem to still adore the film and the star antagonist Harley Quinn in particular. Margot Robbie has given the character a sexy new appearance (albeit not as sexy… [ read more ]

Tattooed Eyeballs

August 9 2016

Corneal tattooing is one of the most intriguing forms of body modification there is. There is no skin on the eye, so even imagining the idea of tattooing it seems hard to fathom. But artists have found a way and… [ read more ]

Thick Tattooed Girls

August 9 2016

If you are looking for stick-thin waifs you’re going to want to hit the back button now. But if you are looking for beautiful tattooed girls with dangerous curves then you are in the right place. This gallery of thick… [ read more ]

Insane 3D Calligraphy

August 9 2016

The art of Tolga Girgin is so great that it jumps right off of the page. OK, it may not be literally coming off the paper but it certainly looks like it is. Calligraphy is impressive enough on its own, doing… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Eyeball Tattoos

August 8 2016

They say that a person’s eyes are a window to their soul, we feel the same way about these eyeball tattoos. In this gallery curated by Yallzee you will see some of the most impressive eyeball tattoos ever created. Much… [ read more ]

Toni Logo’s Unbelievably Realistic Drawings

August 8 2016

Toni Logo is a graphic artist/tattooer that is able to create pure magic when he has a pencil in his hand. His work is often sexually charged and provocative but more than that it is unbelievably photo realistic. As you’ll… [ read more ]

Yallzee’s Sugar Skull Tattoos

August 5 2016

It can be Dia de los Muertos all year long with an amazing sugar skull tattoo. In a gallery curated by Yallzee, these tattoos are based off of the sweet confections that are an iconic part of the Mexican festival…. [ read more ]

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