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  • Tattoos Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson

    On July 18th, 1937 Hunter S. Thompson was born in Louisville, Ky. In his lifetime Thompson redefined what journalism could be as he became the official spokesman of the counterculture. Thompson is most famous for writing Fear and Loathing in… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Joe Matisa

    Illustrative, realism, cover-ups, portraits and more, you name it and Joe Matisa can probably tattoo it.  Owner of both Kiss of Ink and Ink Junction tattoo studios, the New Jersey native has slowly been making his way up in the tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Dragonfly Tattoos

    Summer is here, which means you are probably going to beaches, lakes, and the rest of the great outdoors.  Something, though, that comes with these great vacation spots are dragonflies. Perhaps some of the prettiest insects out there, we have… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Cecil Porter

    Working out of Emporium 1476 in Portland, Oregon, Cecil Porter has one of the finest and most prolific portfolios we’ve ever seen. Featuring vibrant, neon color tones and masterful shadow work, Porter’s hyper-realistic portraits of pop culture icons as well… [ read more ]

  • Car Tattoos

    More than just a means from Point A to Point B, cars often compose a major part of our personal histories. We give them feminine names, we’ve eaten and spilled full meals on the upholstery of them, some may have… [ read more ]

  • Bat Tattoos

    Bats are usually associated with Halloween, but as the weather gets warmer throughout the summer, bats are sighted more often.  As dusk begins to over take your backyard barbecue, it’s most likely that a little wood bat may come flying… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Inspired by Salvador Dali

    Considered one of the greatest fine artists of all time, Salvador Dali is the first name that comes to mind in the area of surrealism as well as a great source of inspiration for modern artists of all media. If… [ read more ]