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Perfectly Placed Tattoos

February 3 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Perhaps the most important thing a person and a tattooer must decide on is placement. Picking the perfect spot on your body for new ink can make or break the design. When working with your artist, it is important you communicate… [ read more ]

With Great Boobs Comes Great Responsibility

February 2 2016

Gallery Follows the Text We’ve given you side boob, under boob, on the boob, chest tattoos, sternum tattoos, and then some. Now we’re just going to be frank in saying, this is a list of big boobs. Might as well… [ read more ]

Modern Day Pinups 1

February 2 2016

The classics never go out of style. That’s why pinup photography is just as sexy now as it was back when our grandfathers were painting their favorite girls onto the sides of their B-17s in World War II. In the… [ read more ]

Wound Tattoos

February 2 2016

Warning: This gallery is not for those with a weak stomach. Although you would want to help out any of these people, the only way you could do that is with more ink and a needle. These gnarly wound tattoos… [ read more ]

Incredible People that Actually Exist

February 1 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Planet Earth is packed with unique individuals of all shapes and sizes. Some have gone under the knife to modify his or her self to have a specific appearance, others were just “Born This Way.” All are… [ read more ]

What If Tim Burton Directed These Disney Classics?

February 1 2016

Andrew Tarusov is a master at taking our beloved pop culture icons and molding them to fit his vision. The artist has previously envisioned the women of Star Wars and Game of Thrones as pin-up girls, not to mention the myriad of… [ read more ]

Medical Oddities

January 29 2016

Reality is often much stranger than fiction. No matter what sort of weird ailment you can conjure in your mind, there is a real-life disease even weirder. Some of these medical oddities will completely blow your mind. In the following… [ read more ]

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