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Coming Home for the Holidays With Tattoos

November 16 2015

Many of us find ourselves heading back home for the holidays, which means spending time with relatives that we probably haven’t seen in a while. This often includes having to answer question after question about what we’re going to do… [ read more ]

Tattoos Without a Black Outline

November 13 2015

While there are hundreds of different tattoo styles out there, most of them follow the same principles of design. Smooth shading, bold color saturation, and a steady black outline. Yet what happens when you remove one of the elements of… [ read more ]

Lock and Key Tattoos

November 13 2015

Locks and keys have been used symbolically throughout all styles of tattooing. While they are able to take on multiple meanings for the wearer, they often represent freedom, secrecy, and knowledge. Locks and keys can be designed in a variety of… [ read more ]

Lotus Flower Tattoos

November 13 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Gifting a bouquet of flowers is always a sweet gesture, but most of the time we don’t know what the flowers we’re giving or receiving represent. Tattoos on the other hand are often symbolic of something or someone,… [ read more ]

Mosaic Tattoos

November 12 2015

Mosaics are pieces of art created by arranging small pieces of tile, glass, or stone to create a larger picture. While that is not something that would be possible to replicate in a tattoo, one can definitely be inspired by… [ read more ]

Micro Portrait Tattoos

November 12 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Micro tattoos usually come in the form of trendy hearts, infinity symbols, horseshoes, hair bows, stars—you get it. But a micro portrait? Well that’s no simple task. Many artists will reject work if a client requests a… [ read more ]

Tattoo Statistics

November 12 2015

How many people have tattoos? How much money do we spend on our ink each year? How common is it to get a cover up tattoo? If these are questions that have ever popped into your head—and I know that… [ read more ]

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