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Kawaii Tattoos

January 21 2016

Get ready for some extreme cuteness. In Japanese pop culture the term Kawaii is used to describe things that are cuddly, adorable and lovable—just like every tattoo in this gallery! I hope you are ready for sweet little puppies, charming… [ read more ]

Middle Finger Tattoos

January 21 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Sometimes all you want to do is stick it to the man. To finally fulfill that dream of cursing out your boss, throwing up the middle finger, and marching on out of the office tall and… [ read more ]

Ornamental Tattoos

January 21 2016

You need to be careful not to overlook the artistry involved in making a fantastic ornamental tattoo. Sure, they don’t blow your mind immediately the way a hyper-realistic portrait might, but there is such a high level of skill needed… [ read more ]

Tattoos for Stoners

January 21 2016

No, it’s not 4/20, but we still wanted to spread the peace, love, and ganja with all of our stoner friends. Whether you prefer to roll it up or pack it down, you are going to want to blaze it… [ read more ]

Geisha Tattoos

January 21 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Geisha girls are true artists. Have you ever noticed the beautiful detail that goes into their overall image? From their pristine make up and satin hair right down to the designs coloring their wardrobe, Geishas have got it going on…. [ read more ]

Buddha Tattoos

January 21 2016

Tattoos have been worn as symbols of faith since their inception. One religion that has a long tradition involving tattooing is Buddhism. In Thailand followers have been getting tattoos of Sak Yant—sacred geometrical designs intended to protect the owner of… [ read more ]

Boredom Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

January 20 2016

Life can often feel like we are waging a constant battle against boredom. God forbid we have a couple of moments in the day when we just veg out, instead we try and go go go constantly. But boredom isn’t… [ read more ]

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