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Category: lists

  • Calvin and Hobbes Tattoos

    Few artists in any medium have ever been able to capture the essence of childhood as perfectly as Bill Watterson did with his comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. The strip ran for only 10 years (from 1985-1995) but still managed to… [ read more ]

  • Vanessa Lake – Photographer Christian Saint

    The confident Vanessa Lake is one of the sexiest fetish glamor models in the industry. Vanessa’s voluptuous beauty captivates us in this latest photoseries by photographer Christian Saint.

  • Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

    From the moment it was published Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has captivated the minds of children the world over. The popular fairy tale was made into an even more popular Disney movie and eventually a live-action film directed by… [ read more ]

  • Underwater Tattoos

    Since much of tattoo tradition comes from their popularity among sailors it’s no surprise that there are a plethora of tattoos celebrating the sea. When picking this selection of tattoos we were especially fond of the way artists depict the… [ read more ]

  • Irish Tattoos

    There are many ways to show pride in your heritage; one of our favorite ways is by getting some ink. Few cultures have a stronger link to their background than the Irish and their pride is evident in the tattoos… [ read more ]

  • Foot Tattoos

    Spending most of your hours wearing shoes and socks is still not an excuse to not get some amazing ink on your feet. We’ve collected some of the coolest foot tattoos that we could find for your enjoyment, check them… [ read more ]

  • Biomechanical Tattoos

    Biomechanical tattoos are often some of the most creative tattoos out there. Often they imagine what the insides of a person would look like if they were a cyborg and seemingly everyone has a different take on how that would… [ read more ]