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Nautical Tattoos

January 20 2016

Considering that tattoos became popular in the western world thanks to the contributions of sailors, one shouldn’t be surprised that nautical imagery is still incredibly prevalent. Whether it be anchor tattoos, compass tattoos, caravel tattoos or tattoos of the creatures… [ read more ]

Bikini Baristas Show Off Ink While Serving Drinks

January 19 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Video and Text Every morning we go through the same struggle to wake up and get ready for the day. Throughout years of practice shaking the cobwebs out in the a.m. we have discovered that there… [ read more ]

6 Boob Tattoos

January 19 2016

Since a man’s eyes are always going to inevitably be drawn into staring at a woman’s chest it sure would be nice if there was some ink to look at, right? Well, these young ladies are playing along and have… [ read more ]

Urban Beauties

January 19 2016

This list is all about two things—ink and booties. Every alluring model in this gallery has a fair share of both. We’ve included some of the most crush worthy babes in the entire world—Claudia Nelson, Mercedes Edison, Mara Inkperial and… [ read more ]

I Love Lucy Tattoos

January 18 2016

Gallery Follows the Text “LUUUUUUUUCY! I’m home!” -Ricky Ricardo I Love Lucy aired for nearly all of the 1950s, providing American homemakers and businessmen humor fit for the times. The gorgeous Lucille Ball, or Lucy Ricardo on the show, was one of the… [ read more ]

The Next Tattooed Super Model: Cat McNeil

January 18 2016

Watch out world, there’s a new tattooed model rising quickly to the top! Super model Cat McNeil is one inked up beauty queen you are going to want to keep your eye on. From the fashion week runway to multiple Vogue covers,… [ read more ]

Best Professions for the Tattooed

January 18 2016

When it comes towards attitudes about tattooed employees, today’s workplace is infinitely more welcoming than it was even just a decade ago. That being said, there are still some industries that embrace tattooed individuals more than others. In this list… [ read more ]

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