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The Artist Behind James Franco’s Emma Watson ‘Tattoo’

October 30 2015

Last night actor and notable prankster, James Franco took to Instagram to post a picture of himself with a new tattoo of fellow actor Emma Watson. But don’t worry, the tattoo that Franco posted was just another one of his… [ read more ]

The Dark Side of Disney

October 30 2015

Illustrator Jeffrey Thomas loves drawing Disney characters, he just happens to see them in a little differently than you and I do. When Thomas looks at Jasmine, for example, he doesn’t see the beautiful and strong love interest of Aladdin…. [ read more ]

Your Favorite Stars Made out of Peanuts

October 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Steve Casino has managed to turn your favorite ballgame snack into the cutest characters in Hollywood. The peanut painter, monster maker, and toy inventor brings salty peanuts to life. Right down to the expression on their… [ read more ]

Nikki Nichole Has a Taste For Blood

October 30 2015

Nikki Nichole is one of our favorite Inked Girls, or, at least she was before we learned that she was a bloodthirsty killer. OK, we know that she’s not an actual killer, she’s just really into Halloween. Head to the gallery below… [ read more ]

Crazy Ice Sculptures

October 30 2015

Gallery Follows the Text You never know when you’re going to come across an ice sculpture. Could be at a wedding, at a banquet, or in the middle of a park. Usually they take the form of either fancy swans or… [ read more ]

Meet Leo DiCaprio’s Tattooed Doppelganger

October 30 2015

Konrad Annerud has it all. The 21-year-old from Sweden is a model, a musician, a bartender and a damn fine skateboarder. Oh, and did we mention that he looks exactly like Leonardo DeCaprio but with tattoos? Imagine an alternate universe… [ read more ]

Get to Know Halsey, The Next Tattooed Pop Icon

October 29 2015

If you haven’t heard of Halsey yet, you will soon. The 21-year-old New Jersey native is taking the music scene by storm following the August release of her debut studio album Badlands. Halsey—an anagram for her birth name Ashley—is an… [ read more ]

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