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  • Sloth Tattoos

    The sloth is arguably one of the most underrated animals out there.  Sloths are slow, they are generally lazy, and they don’t seem to ever do anything apart from sleep.  They even share the name with one of the seven… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Inspired by TV Shows

    Even though many of us don’t want to admit it television has an enormous effect on our lives. As one of our primary forms of entertainment people fall in love with certain TV shows and the characters on those programs…. [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Deano Cook

    Gaining notoriety for his in depth work with sea life imagery, Deano Cook has brought to life countless tattoos of some of the most complex and beautiful creatures from below the water’s surface.  Not only is Cook a skilled tattooist,… [ read more ]

  • Tattooed Model Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy

    Tattooed model Rick Genest, better known as Rico the Zombie Boy, isn’t new to the scene. We’ve seen him every where from the runway to music videos, but we are still fascinated by his ink. Enjoy this gallery featuring  Zombie… [ read more ]

  • Top Instagram Girls

    It’s really hard to remember what people did before the invention of Instagram? How did they kill time without looking through all of the photos of their friends, celebrities, and most importantly, sexy tattooed women? We’ve gathered together this list… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Matt Jordan

    Matt Jordan is one of the most impressive photo realism artists nowadays, not just in his home country of New Zealand, but all over the world, too. Jordan is skilled in both black and grey and color pieces and has… [ read more ]

  • Portrait Tattoos

    Back in the day people used to carry around pictures of their loved ones in their wallets, now people get portrait tattoos of their loved ones instead. Some of the most skilled artists out there will have you guessing how… [ read more ]