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VIDEO: Rihanna Straddles and Tattoos Somebody For Her Album Campaign

December 9 2015

In case you haven’t heard—or seen—Rihanna has a new album coming out titled ANTI. The bad gal teamed up with Samsung to promote the LP by teasing the public with a video campaign, ANTIdiary. Each week, a new video is released in… [ read more ]

Outrageous Realism Pencil Drawings

December 9 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Prepare to have your mind blown. The realism pencil drawings that follow are so good they look as if you can pull them right out of the screen. Some look like straight up photographs—see the apples… [ read more ]

Kenny K-Bar Tattoos Karen Civil at the Inked Guest Spot

December 9 2015

Karen Civil is a Jane of All Trades. While helping grow the digital footprints of artists among the likes of Lil Wayne and Jeezy, the New Jersey native has simultaneously built a personal brand so reputable that Hillary Clinton employed… [ read more ]

Harry Styles Gets Inked on ‘The Late Late Show’

December 4 2015

James Corden really dodged a bullet on Thursday night’s episode of The Late Late Show. With British pop group and heartthrobs One Direction on the show Corden decided to play a game of tattoo roulette. For three members of the… [ read more ]

Scott Weiland, Former Stone Temple Pilots Frontman, Dies at 48

December 4 2015

  Scott Weiland, the former singer of iconic grunge band Stone Temple Pilots and supergroup Velvet Revolver, passed away in his sleep Thursday night. Weiland was discovered on his tour bus shortly after 9 p.m. while in Bloomington, Minn., on… [ read more ]

11 Pop Songs That Sing About Tattoos

November 6 2015

Gallery Follows the Text It seems the word “tattoo” is the go-to lyric used by female pop stars to express their undying love for a mate. It has become the ultimate metaphor used to describe the pain caused by a broken heart…. [ read more ]

Deniro Farrar – Hip Hop’s Biggest Bookworm

November 4 2015

In a society where even children seem to be wildly aware of their “personal brand” it has become remarkably refreshing when you meet someone who is genuinely what they say they are. Refreshing is probably an understatement, “shocked” is a… [ read more ]

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