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Hilary Duff Releases ‘Tattoo’ Music Video

June 18 2015

Hilary Duff just released a casual little backyard video to accompany her new heartbreak track “Tattoo,” number ten off of her latest album Breathe In. Breathe Out. The entirety of the album, “Tattoo” especially, seems to be the response to… [ read more ]

Lady Gaga Takes Her Tattoos to the Beach

June 18 2015

Gallery Follows the Text These days, we’re┬áreally big fans of the one and only Lady Gaga. First, because she’s given us no reason not to be, but most because she flaunts her tattoos loud and proud and looks fabulous doing… [ read more ]

SullenTV: Yelawolf Live at Musink

June 11 2015

Musink is one of the sickest tattoo conventions in the country. Held annually in Orange County and presented by Travis Barker the festival takes everything you love about tattoo conventions and throws a music festival right on top of it…. [ read more ]


June 10 2015

Gallery Follows the Text. This is only PART ONE. The Rock, Amy Winehouse, Travis Barker, JWOWW and countless other celebs┬ádidn’t enter this world with ink, but they sure as hell are leaving with it. We can’t imagine these rappers, actors,… [ read more ]

Four Year Strong Photos and Extended Interview

June 9 2015

By now you’ve probably seen our video interview from Skate and Surf Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey with Four Year Strong vocalist/guitarist Dan O’Connor. In a quick two-and-a-half minutes, Dan plays “Last, First, Best, Worst” and tells the stories… [ read more ]

Ethan Embry Stops by to Talk Tattoos, ‘Grace and Frankie,’ and More

June 9 2015

Ethan Embry walked into the Inked offices looking like a man who was recovering from a very good time the night before; his voice was hoarse, he had that faraway stare one gets when their night’s sleep is measured in… [ read more ]

9 Music Tattoos That Will Rock Your World

June 4 2015

The life is a musician is a tough one. It’s a lot of dream chasing and high hoping, and it takes a lot of dedication. So it’s a pretty when a musician makes the permanent decision to ink their instrument… [ read more ]

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