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Ty Dolla $ign and Other Artists Freestyle for Pepsi’s ‘Out of the Blue’

April 23 2015

If you’ve ever been to South by Southwest—the annual film and music festival in Austin, Texas—you know it’s unlike any other festival in the country. More than a thousand music acts take over the entire city performing in any location… [ read more ]

9 Kids Who Are More Metal Than Your Kids

April 22 2015

If I have to read another Facebook status about how metal your kids are, I’m going to bite the head off of a bat. You think your kids are metal? These nine kids below might have something to say about… [ read more ]

16 Fake Fliers Sure to Crack You Up

April 21 2015

There is a certain nostalgia for the time honored tradition of posting fliers on telephone poles whenever a beloved family pet has strayed from home or a bike has been pilfered. These pranksters took the sincerity behind most fliers and… [ read more ]

15 Record Store Day 2015 Must-Have Records

April 17 2015

If you’re a music lover, Record Store Day is like your Black Friday—even though it’s on Saturday, April 18. It’s your Fashion’s Night Out! Record Store Day is to music fiends as Presidents Day is to mattress maniacs. Since 2007,… [ read more ]

Beyond the Ink: Alysha Nett and Pierce the Veil’s English Adventure

April 17 2015

Alysha Nett checks in with us as often as her busy schedule will allow to give her insight on modeling, tattoos and art. She even throws in a recipe from time to time. Alysha always makes sure to include plenty… [ read more ]

13 Times Hardcore Had an Off Day

April 17 2015

Can you be badass 24/7-365? Danzig, The Rock and Henry Rollins can’t. Please enjoy the softer moments of the hardcore.

You Won’t Believe What This Rihanna Fan Had Tattooed

April 16 2015

How much do you love your favorite pop star? It’s one thing to be a fan but do you think you have what it takes to be considered that star’s favorite fan? You have to do something pretty remarkable to… [ read more ]