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Justin Bieber Admits He Tried to Disguise Selena Gomez Wrist Tattoo

February 17 2016

We all recognized Selena Gomez’s face in the wrist tattoo Justin Bieber had inked back in April 2013, and now the “What Do You Mean” singer has revealed that he tried to cover up the tattoo that he admits was inked… [ read more ]

Our Favorite Celebrity Tattoos Inked in Honor of the Late David Bowie

February 16 2016

Lady Gaga headed over to the Shamrock Social Club tattoo shop in West Hollywood for a David Bowie portrait tattoo on Saturday, just two days before she was scheduled to perform an eight-minute tribute to Bowie at the Grammy Awards on… [ read more ]

Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

February 15 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Updated February 15, 2016.  Justin Bieber explains his tattoo collection in a video for GQ, detailing his favorite tattoo, those that are in honor of his mother, and the ink of his famous ex he often… [ read more ]

Gaga Gets David Bowie Tattoo Before Grammys Tribute

February 15 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text and Videos The tattoo industry’s favorite celeb added more ink to her rib cage over the weekend. Lady Gaga paid a visit to Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood on Saturday, February 13, where tattooer Mark… [ read more ]

Kesha Scrambles for Media Attention with Two New Tattoos

February 10 2016

A fresh-faced Kesha took to Instagram this week to show off two new tattoos, and we can’t help but wonder if the 28-year-old singer-songwriter, formerly known as Ke$ha, is struggling for real with her fading music career and is simply trying… [ read more ]

Who Did Rihanna Send Nudes To?

February 4 2016

Leave it to Ellen to get the truth out of Rihanna about sexting, skinny dipping, and hooking up in the back seat. Not the whole truth, of course, because a lady never tells. And Rihanna is the lady of the… [ read more ]

Slayer’s Gary Holt Has The World’s Most Metal Guitar

January 26 2016

Metalheads don’t put up with posers. So when you play guitar for Slayer one imagines that you have to go out of your way to make sure that you are as hardcore as possible, you can’t get caught slipping like… [ read more ]

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