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  • Stylish Riot Gear: The Clothes, Music and Ink of LA Riots Founder Daniel Linton

    Despite being the man behind world-renowned EDM act LA Riots, resident DJ at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and co-owner of lifestyle brand Massiv Daniel Linton has one thing in common with pretty much everyone in the world; he still spends… [ read more ]

  • Eagulls: Into the Bad Lads Army

    The last thing that one expects to hear from an up-and-coming post-punk band with hardcore roots is that they are anxious to meet Bill Murray. But, on a Wednesday afternoon, bassist Tom Kelly of Eagulls sat in the Inked Office… [ read more ]

  • Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms on Tattoos, ‘Metropole’ and Art

    “We’ve always been very conscious of the notion that a lot of bands get old and start to really suck when they start to rehash all of the tired old shit that they did,” says The Lawrence Arms frontman Brendan… [ read more ]

  • Behind Behind the Warped Tour

    With the temperature in the single digits and everything in sight covered in a layer of ice summer seems impossibly far away. One way to stave off the winter doldrums and remind yourself that soon you will be able to… [ read more ]

  • Obsessed Fan Gets 22nd Miley Cyrus-Inspired Tat

    At some point, we all find ourselves obsessed with something-sex, money, love, food, drugs, … Miley Cyrus tattoos? Well, for 40-year-old Carl McCoid, the answer is HELL YES. McCoid, of Bridlington, East Yorkshire (UK), has dedicated his skin to his… [ read more ]

  • Coming Up Roses

    Jesy Nelson, one of the members of British pop group Little Mix, showed off a new tattoo when her band appeared on the cooking show Sunday Brunch this past weekend. The tattoo covers much of the singer’s inner arm from… [ read more ]

  • Name That Tune

    People often find inspiration in the lyrics of their favorite songs and it’s only natural to want to get those words inked on to their body. Check out this gallery of some of our favorite tattoos featuring song lyrics and… [ read more ]


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