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Interview with “A Million Miles” Author Amy Fleisher Madden

May 5 2015

Once you start reading “A Million Miles,” Amy Fleisher Madden’s first novel, you’ll hate that you have a “real” life—work, school, etc.—that’s going to eventually interrupt you and make you put it down. When that real life allows you to… [ read more ]

‘Pretty Girls’ Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears Release New Track

May 5 2015

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears just made our week pop with the release of their highly anticipated single “Pretty Girls.” Like any good pop song, you’ll be blasting their new track on repeat by the end of the day. Iggy… [ read more ]

8 Spring Music Festivals You Need to Know

May 1 2015

There used to be a time when people talked about a music festival season. Back in that day, they were usually referring to the summer—when it makes perfect sense to have an all-day music event because kids aren’t in school…. [ read more ]

Demi Lovato Vs. Ashley McMullen: Round 2

April 30 2015

GALLERY OF RANTING SCREENSHOTS BELOW Yesterday, we told you about the Twitter/Instagram beef going on between Demi Lovato and Ashley McMullen (the tattoo artist behind Lovato’s infamous “vagina tattoo, which she recently covered up). And, as predicted, the drama was… [ read more ]

Demi Lovato and Tattoo Artist Beefing on Social Media

April 29 2015

Three weeks ago, teen pop queen Demi Lovato made news when she got a new rose tattoo to cover up the lips that were tattooed on her wrist. When she posted an Instagram of the new tattoo, she included “#RIPvaginatattoo”… [ read more ]

Andrew W.K. To Host Show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Radio Network

April 28 2015

GALLERY OF ANDREW W.K.’S WORDS OF WISDOM BELOW THE TEXT Former Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck just announced that his news, opinion and entertainment network, TheBlaze, is expanding with TheBlaze Radio Network. While some may think that’s not a… [ read more ]

Sam Smith Pays Tribute To Fans With New Tattoo

April 27 2015

English R&B singer-songwriter Sam Smith has had an amazing year that’s owed in great respect to his fans. So it makes perfect sense that he would pay tribute to the millions of people whom he calls “little sailors” (a reference… [ read more ]