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The Michael Phelps Death Stare Will Live on Forever in Tattoo Form

August 12 2016

At the London Olympics four years ago we had McKayla Maroney and her unimpressed look, now we have Michael Phelps and his terrifying #PhelpsFace. While it would be easy to remember Phelps for his insane level of dominance in the swimming… [ read more ]

Why is WWE Wrestler Kevin Owens Considering a John Cena Tattoo?

July 28 2016

Professional wrestler Kevin Steen, known in the ring as Kevin Owens, already has a pretty bad-ass Taurus tattoo on his shoulder, a “LIVE/EVIL” arm tat, and several touching tributes to his family, but The Prizefighter may soon be adding a… [ read more ]

NBA Superstar Kevin Durant Gets a Tupac Portrait Tattoo

July 21 2016

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has finally gotten some ink that we can see when he’s out on the court in the form of a portrait of the late great Tupac Shakur. We say finally because Durant has long been a… [ read more ]

Propriety of Olympic Ink Questioned Amid Paralympics Tattoo Controversy

July 20 2016

When British Paralympic swimming champ, Josef Craig, got a tattoo of a lion and the Olympic rings on his chest, he probably never expected the ink to get him disqualified from a race. Unfortunately, because the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)… [ read more ]

This Girl with a Pokémon Tattoo Will Help You Catch Em All

July 12 2016

A 24-year-old NYU graduate and Pokémon professional is offering up her catch-em-all skills to those interested in dominating Pokémon Go. Brooklyn-based Ivy St. Ive posted an ad on Craig’s List where she claims to be a professional Pokémon Go trainer, offering her skills… [ read more ]

All Star Baseball Tattoos

July 12 2016

Considering that baseball is our national pastime, one should not be surprised to see that there are a heck of a lot of baseball tattoos out there. There are so many different teams out there and likewise just as many… [ read more ]

Sports Tattoos by Steve Butcher

July 6 2016

New Zealand’s Steve Butcher has found quite an impressive niche—he tattoos some of the best sports scenes you’ll ever see. Butcher clearly has a love of the NBA, with Kobe and the Lakers serving as a particular muse. All of… [ read more ]

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