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Inked Up Defender Von Miller Grabs the Super Bowl MVP

February 8 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text You can’t blame Cam Newton if he has recurring nightmares about Von Miller breathing down his neck after last night’s Super Bowl 50. Miller, the freakishly fast Denver linebacker, spent the entire night living in… [ read more ]

Game Day Treats

February 4 2016

The big game is coming up this week! You know what I’m talking about, that final game of the football season that we aren’t allowed to call by it’s actual name or the NFL lawyers will show up at our… [ read more ]

Creators of NBA 2K16 Being Sued Over LeBron’s Ink

February 2 2016

As tattoo fans we were thrilled when we heard that NBA 2K16 video game would include the real life ink of all of our favorite players. It turns out that some people weren’t as enthused as a group called Solid… [ read more ]

UFC Fighter Sean O’Connell’s Hilarious Weigh Ins

January 27 2016

It’s hard to ponder a more serious situation than jumping into the octagon and going three rounds with a trained martial artist. But for UFC Light Heavyweight Sean O’Connell it’s all fun and games, especially at the weigh in. The… [ read more ]

Whose booty is this? Hint: The Tattoos Give it Away

January 6 2016

After many heated arguments with loved ones we were starting to believe that being able to name any celebrity just by seeing their tattoos was a completely worthless skill, then this picture came out and totally redeemed our tattoo obsession!… [ read more ]

John Cena Will ‘Never’ Get Tattoos Because Of His Mom

December 14 2015

WWE 15-time world champion John Cena appears in Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s hilarious new movie Sisters as a heavily tattooed drug dealer. Cena told Page Six, “In real life I would never do that.” If he did, his mother might disown him…. [ read more ]

Barcelona Star Neymar Adds an Inspiring Tattoo to His Collection

December 9 2015

Normally we would say that getting a tattoo of yourself is an insanely egocentric act and that it should be avoided at all costs, but in the case of Barcelona star Neymar’s new tattoo we are going to make an… [ read more ]

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