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  • Paralympic Ink

    After a conversation filled with snowboard lingo, positive mantras and tattoo talk, we’ve decided that Keith Gabel sure is one interesting guy. Apologies to the Dos Equis spokesman, but you’ve got some competition. The Paralympic snowboarder took some time out from his busy schedule training for the 2014 Paralympic Games… [ read more ]

  • Super Bowl Tattoo Faceoff

    This Sunday the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will face off in Super Bowl XLVIII and leading up to the game their fans will be surely talking smack to each other. Fans of Seattle will brag about their vicious… [ read more ]

  • Brian Wilson’s Got a Gun…Tattoo

    Major league hitters have been describing Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson’s arm as a gun for years so it’s only fitting that the eccentric reliever got one inked on his left hand. TMZ caught Wilson as he left a Los Angeles… [ read more ]

  • Counting Seahawk Eggs Before They Hatch

    Every sports fan will talk a lot of smack about how great their team is but it takes a fan with extreme dedication to get a tattoo proclaiming their team as the best. If you combine that extreme dedication with… [ read more ]

  • Shirts Vs. Tattooed Skins

    Are the inked NBA players better than the non-tattooed? From the top of the key Derrick Rose is able to get past Chris Paul on his way to the hoop only to find the twin towers of Kevin Love and… [ read more ]

  • Cool Goalie Mask Art

    Once hockey goalies had grown tired of having their faces disfigured by the sport they played they started to wear masks. In order to replicate the same intimidating presence their scarred faces once gave they started to paint their masks…. [ read more ]

  • Inked Exclusive: Ryan Sheckler on Tattoos, Skate Life, and the Dew Tour

    Ryan Sheckler has grown, both as a street skater and out of his Tiger Beat look of Bieber-on-a-board to a stylish man with plenty of ink. He chats with before taking to the streets of San Francisco to defend… [ read more ]