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NFL to Ban Tattoos

April 1 2015

In a shocking move that will send ripples throughout not only the National Football League but all of the major professional sports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that starting in the 2018 season players will be banned from having visible tattoos…. [ read more ]

We Dissect One Man’s Misguided Opinion on Tattoos in the NCAA Tournament

March 31 2015

Normally when we come across an article casting tattoos and the people who have them in a negative light we shrug our shoulders, sigh deeply and move on. Yet every once in a great while we stumble across an article… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Madness – Sweet Sixteen

March 24 2015

PHOTOS AND VOTING FOLLOW THE TEXT Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen! Through our first two rounds of voting there have been a slew of upsets in the 2015 Tattooed Model Madness Tournament. Honestly, that’s understating things. The highest seeded model… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Madness – Second Round

March 20 2015

PHOTOS AND VOTING FOLLOW THE TEXT We are merely one day into the NCAA Tournament and people can’t stop talking about all of the historic upsets. Well, compared to the Inked Tattooed Model Madness Tournament the basketball one is pretty… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Madness – First Round Part 1

March 17 2015

PHOTOS AND VOTING FOLLOWS THE TEXT It’s that time of year again. The time when the weather starts to get a little warmer, we consume our weight in corned beef and Guinness, and we dream about filling out the perfect… [ read more ]

Retro College Basketball Flavor

March 13 2015

If and when I become president of our fine country my first order of business will be to relax all regulations on tattoos in the military but in the same afternoon I’m enacting two new national holidays: the day after… [ read more ]

Sink Your Teeth into This Fancy Footwear

March 4 2015

When you think of “custom tattoos,”  you’re usually thinking about a piece inked just for the individual wearer, something nobody else in the world has.  Well, as with most commissioned art, that uniqueness can pass from medium to medium, and… [ read more ]