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Skater Tattoos

November 20 2015

There are two things that can clearly show that a person has a rebellious nature—a tattoo on their skin or a skateboard under their arm. Skaters and ink have always gone hand in hand, even if skaters need near constant… [ read more ]

This Tattoo Trend Must Be Stopped

November 10 2015

Both athletes and the fans that love them have been known for being more than a little bit superstitious. Everybody seems to have their little routine that they go through in order to bring good luck to their team. For… [ read more ]

Jonny Gomes Delivers an Epic Mic Drop

November 4 2015

While Jonny Gomes rarely saw the field as a Kansas City Royal—he only played in 12 games and was left off of the postseason roster—he was clearly the MVP of their victory celebration. The tattooed and bearded wildman took the… [ read more ]

It’s All Roses for David Beckham

October 23 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last saw the British football star, so it’s high time that we hear about David Beckham adding another piece to his already extensive tattoo collection. In a picture shared by his wife,… [ read more ]

Jose Bautista’s Epic Bat Flip Will Live Forever

October 16 2015

When Jose Bautista teed off on a 1-1 pitch in the seventh inning of the decisive Game 5 of the ALDS you just knew that it was a home run for the ages, the kind of shot that baseball fans… [ read more ]

Vitaly Says Tattoos Propel Jewelry-For-Men Movement

September 16 2015

 Shane Vitaly Foran, CEO and designer of Vitaly, talks business, tattoos, and travel essentials with Inked.  How does an accidental fashion designer of only four years retail his unisex jewelry line in over 200 stores worldwide without big investors? Shane Vitaly Foran dismisses the… [ read more ]

MJ and Kobe Face Off In These Tattoos

August 21 2015

Photo Gallery Follows The Text The back of this man’s legs will forever be locked into an epic battle of one-on-one thanks to his tattoos. On one calf you have Kobe Bryant, on the other you have Michael Jordan. Kobe… [ read more ]

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