Category: Tattoo Artists

Tattoos of the Month

June 30 2015

Every single day we keep you up-to-date with the finest tattoo art in the world on our Instagram. Thanks to the power of double tapping your phone we found out what your favorites were and decided to put them all… [ read more ]

The Sickest Skull Tattoos of the Week

June 29 2015

Do you remember the first tattoo you ever saw? It was a skull tattoo, wasn’t it? Yeah, yeah it was. Skulls have always been one of the most popular subject matters for ink. Perhaps this is because they look completely… [ read more ]

Cross-Stitch Tattoos

June 29 2015

I’m fairly confident that if you told some of the pioneers of American tattooing that one day their beloved art would start borrowing elements from cross-stitch that they would lose their minds. Yet, here we are. A couple of talented… [ read more ]

Take a Step Back Into Tattooing’s Past

June 26 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Judging by first impression New York’s Daredevil Tattoo is just like any of the other shops in the nation’s largest city. All the typical sounds are there—the buzz of a machine hard at work, music… [ read more ]

Forearm Tattoos

June 26 2015

The forearm is one of the best places to get a tattoo. It’s a nice flat surface so it’s great for showing off a detailed piece. It’s often visible but you can cover it if you need to. This is… [ read more ]

Texas Man Has Confederate Flag Tattoo Covered Up

June 25 2015

A Texas man walked into Texas Bob’s Tattoos in Austin this week determined to get rid of a tattoo that he had come to regret—a Confederate flag. While the use of the flag has been a hot-button issue in many… [ read more ]

Negative Space Tattoos

June 25 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Lovers of ink, whether heavily covered or adorned in scattered tattoos here and there, are in a way born with the artwork already in their blood. Tattoo artists bring what you’ve been hiding underneath your naked… [ read more ]