Category: Tattoo Artists

  • Big Lebowski Tattoos

    Like a poetic whisper in a roaring wind, The Big Lebowski’s well-crafted cinematic perfection upon its ’98 release went unappreciated by many, with mixed reviews by critics and a disappointing return at the box office. However, these are modern, more… [ read more ]

  • Jim Boeheim Tattoo Puzzles Basketball Fans

    Ask anyone who has ever lived within 500 miles of Syracuse, N.Y., about Jim Boeheim and they will all tell you the same thing—in Central New York, Boeheim is a myth among men. 948 career wins without leaving campus, a… [ read more ]

  • Forest Tattoos

    Robert Frost once wrote of “the woods are lovely, dark and deep” but at the time he did not know that eventually the woods would also make for some pretty impressive tattoos. Ranging from forest creatures to beautiful landscapes, here… [ read more ]

  • Primate Tattoos

    Our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, primates never fail to capture our sense of wonder. For tattoo artists everywhere, these regal beasts can also stoke the flames of their imaginations, resulting in some pretty spectacular work. Check out some… [ read more ]

  • Busting Chops and Talking Ink with Nadia G

    From the first time we laid eyes on Nadia Giosia (better known to the cooking world as Nadia G) hosting her web series Bitchin’ Kitchen we were left with one question on our minds—how in the world can she cook… [ read more ]

  • Convention Coverage: Toronto, Canada

    The Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour has made its way to Toronto, Canada, for the NIX tattoo convention.  Bernadette Macias along with Sullen TV caught up with Paul Acker, Luka Lajoie and the tour stop’s featured artist, Steve Soto,… [ read more ]

  • Dr. Seuss Tattoos

    From wockets in pockets to fox in socks, Dr. Seuss was a mastermind at bringing fantasy worlds and creatures to children everywhere. To show our appreciation for the king of cats in hats, here are some of the Seussiest Dr. Seuss… [ read more ]