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Tattoos of the 2015 Skate and Surf Festival

May 18 2015

Last weekend, the Skate and Surf Festival took over the Asbury Park Oceanfront in New Jersey. Five stages of live rock-and-roll brought in fans of punk, hardcore, emo and even a little ska. The main stages had familiar names like… [ read more ]

That’s Not a Glitch, It’s a Tattoo

May 18 2015

Alexey Lauz is a tattoo artist from Moscow who specializes in tattoos that look a little bit different than any you have ever seen before—they have pixelated glitches. Drawing inspiration from computer images Lauz creates tattoos that look like they… [ read more ]

Learn How Laser Tattoo Removal Works in this Video

May 15 2015

You may remember a few months back when Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day showed us how exactly tattoo machines work. Throughout the fascinating slow motion video you can see how the needles deliver ink into the skin. It’s an… [ read more ]

The Story Behind Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles’ Matching Tattoos

May 15 2015

We can’t think of a single situation that would cause tween girls to be more atwitter than when One Direction star Harry Styles and fellow pop singer and buddy Ed Sheeran getting matching tattoos. Well, it happened. It actually took… [ read more ]

A Preview of the Brand New Freshly Inked W/ Carlos Rojas

May 15 2015

Carlos Rojas rose to prominence by tattooing a Breaking Bad sleeve so realistic that you can almost smell the chemicals coming off of Walter White’s HazMat suit, but the art has been in him far longer than that. Rojas got his… [ read more ]

The World’s Most Tattooed Senior Passes Away

May 14 2015

Photo Gallery Follows The Text Isobel Varley may have not gotten her first tattoo until she was in her 40s but she more than made up for that time lost with voracity and enthusiasm. Varley, who was in the Guinness… [ read more ]

Inked Presents Badass TV – Freddy Negrete

May 13 2015

Inked is lucky to present the latest project from the modern day Renaissance man Evan Seinfeld, Badass TV. Whether he is rocking faces off in one of the many bands he has been in, like Attika 7, or playing a… [ read more ]