Category: Tattoo Artists

Pick Your Poison

February 24 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this wicked piece by Jesse Rix! Rix is best known for his work in realism.  He can bring to life an incredible and original tattoo whether it be in color or black and grey.  Many… [ read more ]

The Tattooed Bouquet

February 24 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this beautiful piece by Xoil.  Xoil is a very unique tattoo artist based in France who is best known for his tattoos that showcase a cool stylized minimalism. Typically refraining from using a large… [ read more ]

The Reaper’s Angel

February 23 2015

Guardian angels and grim reapers are very common subject matters in tattoo imagery, but every so often, a client comes along who wants to have both an angel and a reaper inked forever together in their skin.  This beautiful back… [ read more ]

Venomous Ink

February 23 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this amazing realism piece by Phil Garcia.  Garcia is one of our favorite skull tattooers as his portfolio is filled to the brim with incredible post-mortem noggins. Even though skulls are a major image… [ read more ]

Ink at the Oscars

February 23 2015

The Academy Awards represent the biggest night in film each year as celebrities and iconic filmmakers all gather to look back at a year of cinematic history and dole out the coveted Oscar awards.  With such a massive, and highly… [ read more ]

Funky Fresh Ink

February 23 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this fun piece by Piotr Gie.  Gie is based out of Dundee, Scotland, at one of the country’s top rated tattoo studios, Rock ‘n’ Roll Tattoo Studios.  Gie gained popularity in the tattoo industry… [ read more ]

The Flower That Refuses to Wilt

February 20 2015

Every man in the world wishes that there was some sort of magical flower that never wilts. This way they wouldn’t have to drop a bundle buying flowers for their special lady every holiday, anniversary, birthday, or time they fucked… [ read more ]