Category: Tattoo Artists

Incredible Tattoo Body Suits

June 15 2015

When it comes to tattoos we believe the more the merrier so few things make us perk up more than seeing a badass body suit. Sometimes the work is from one artist creating a single masterpiece and other times a… [ read more ]

Portfolio Peek – Vero

June 12 2015

In this edition of SullenTV’s Porfolio Peek we get a chance to meet Montreal’s Vero. If you are into realistic tattoos, especially realistic tattoos of animals, Vero is an artist whose name you have to remember. While she works in… [ read more ]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sailor Jerry

June 12 2015

There will never be a giant in the tattoo industry that will compare to Sailor Jerry. If you have ever even considered getting a tattoo you’ve at least heard the man’s name, and more likely you’ve seen his flash and… [ read more ]

This Week’s Most Haunting Skull Tattoos

June 11 2015

Do you remember the first tattoo you ever saw? It was a skull tattoo, wasn’t it? Yeah, yeah it was. Skulls have always been one of the most popular subject matters for ink. Perhaps this is because they look completely… [ read more ]

SullenTV: Yelawolf Live at Musink

June 11 2015

Musink is one of the sickest tattoo conventions in the country. Held annually in Orange County and presented by Travis Barker the festival takes everything you love about tattoo conventions and throws a music festival right on top of it…. [ read more ]

Tattoos to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

June 11 2015

For some people dessert is nothing more than an afterthought, something they have from time to time after a good meal. For others, those with a sweet tooth, dessert is a way of life. These tattoos are clearly meant for… [ read more ]

These Dinosaur Tattoos Will Get You Ready for ‘Jurassic World’

June 10 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The much anticipated Jurassic World hits theaters this upcoming weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. Remember how amazing Jurassic Park was? Well, that was before we had any of the amazing CGI capabilities that we have now, the… [ read more ]