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Tattoos of Cowboys and Indians

July 8 2015

Perhaps the most originally American form of entertainment is the Western. Fiction stemming from the days of our western expansion and the lawless situation in those lands has captured the hearts of Americans young and old for years. Pretending to… [ read more ]

Tattoos of Matryoshka Dolls

July 7 2015

When we first think about Russia our debauched minds always turn to vodka, but the next best thing would be their cultural Matryoshka (Babushka) Dolls. These made their first appearance in the 1890’s in Moscow and were originally meant as… [ read more ]

Social Media Tips for Tattoo Artists

July 7 2015

For a tattoo artist keeping a hard copy portfolio is the best way to show potential clientele that walk through the shop doors just how great your work is, but what about the people that are not walking through your… [ read more ]

Aztec Tattoos

July 7 2015

While the Aztec people may no longer be ruling Mexico their culture and art left a lasting impression that will always be with us. While much of their art was carved into stone it is now living on in a… [ read more ]

Tattoo Collector – Johnny Cisneros

July 6 2015

With a nickname like “The Tattooed Terror” you wouldn’t guess that Johnny Cisneros was actually an affable, almost soft-spoken, guy. Cisneros sat down with SullenTV to discuss his tattoo collection and in the video the professional MMA fighter who is… [ read more ]

Surreal Portrait Tattoos

July 2 2015

From its birth in the 1920’s the goal of surrealism was to meld the worlds of reality and dream into one. Possibly the most effective way to do that is by altering what people consider to be the most important,… [ read more ]

11 Funny Vine Videos About Tattoos

July 2 2015

Vine videos crack us up. Most of the time the short video clips leave us in stitches, especially when tattoos are involved. In this list we have gathered 11 of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. Click “Next Photo” to… [ read more ]

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