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Tattoos That Are Out of this World

June 10 2015

When we finally make contact with an alien species for the first time we will be able to answer a question that keeps me up late at night—do aliens have tattoos? Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to that one… [ read more ]

Hitting The Road With Kyle Dunbar: Put On A Happy Face

June 10 2015

Former Ink Master contestant Kyle Dunbar has packed up his tattoo equipment and hit the road looking for adventure. With his family in tow, Dunbar will be traveling the country and trying to make a living as a roving tattoo artist. Over the coming… [ read more ]

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp

June 9 2015

Actor Johnny Depp turns 52 today, but you would hardly know it by looking at him. Despite having two decades on me he still looks younger, but I guess that’s Hollywood for you. One of these days Depp has to… [ read more ]

Purrrrfect Cat Tattoos

June 9 2015

When the internet was invented do you think anyone could have imagined that we would spend all of our time on it looking at cats? Sometimes inventions have some amazingly great unforeseen consequences and the Era of the Cat has… [ read more ]

12 Tattoos That Women Want

June 8 2015

More than half the people who are tattooed in the US carry the XX chromosome. As more and more women get tattooed, designs have turned from the bold and masculine to more elegant imagery. Here are 12 types of tattoos… [ read more ]

Tim Howard Moonlights as a Tattoo Artist

June 5 2015

Gallery Follows the Text Now that Everton’s season is over Tim Howard  likely finds himself with a lot of time on his hands, why not pick up a new trade? We know that he’s good with his hands from seeing him… [ read more ]

SullenTV – Tattoo Collector Jeremy Allen

June 5 2015

Few things please us more than the emergence of the “tattoo collector.” Of course, the idea of people collecting tattoos and covering their entire bodies in ink is nothing new. What’s new is the celebration of these individuals. We focus… [ read more ]