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Roses Are Red, But Sometimes They’re Black and Grey

March 31 2015

Today’s skull of the day is this absolutely phenomenal in-progress back piece by the super talented Joe Matisa.  Matisa first got his start in the tattoo industry at the incredibly young age of just 13.  After years working his way… [ read more ]

Interview with Lynn Gunn of PVRIS

March 30 2015

You’re shallow and empty and filled with regret. I think that chest must be heavy from that cross on your neck You only wear ‘cause you’re wary of what comes next After your death. Don’t think I didn’t notice.  … [ read more ]

Bury Me With Roses

March 30 2015

Today’s pick for skull of the day goes to the insanely talented Ryan Mullins! Based at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio, Mullins is best known for his impeccable black and grey realism, however, on occasion you can find him cranking out… [ read more ]

Meshed Up Mash Up

March 30 2015

Today’s tattoo of the day is this incredible piece by Nick Chaboya.  Chaboya works in a range of styles from color illustrative to black and grey portraiture and all the way to realism. Based in a private studio in the… [ read more ]

Nikko Hurtado’s Cult Classic

March 30 2015

Not all films are going to be widely accepted blockbusters, instead some will maintain a classic cult film status for years, if not decades, after their initial theater release.  One of the most beloved cult films is The Crow, inspired… [ read more ]

Tattoo Timelapse: Ryan Mullins

March 27 2015

Ever wanted to get behind the needle and see what it’s like through the eyes of your favorite tattoo artists?  Well, now you can!  Sullen TV‘s web series Tattoo Timelapse gives viewers the perfect glimpse into the techniques and tricks… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Madness – Elite Eight

March 27 2015

PHOTOS AND VOTING FOLLOWS THE TEXT It’s hard to believe that there are only eight models left in the 2015 Tattooed Model Madness Tournament. It seems like only yesterday that we had a list of 64 inked beauties and not… [ read more ]