Category: Tattooed Girls

Tank Top Season is Nigh

April 23 2015

We love tank tops, even in the dead of winter. There’s no better way to show off your sick ink than by wearing as little shirt as possible. And since society doesn’t seem like they are going to bend on… [ read more ]

Kristen Stewart Gets Tattoo in Case of Life Imitating Art

April 22 2015

Actors are known to go to great extremes to get into character for a role and it is often noted that these roles will stay with the actor for the rest of their lives. A couple of notable examples are… [ read more ]

Convention Ink – Devil’s Hollow Tattoo Festival

April 22 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of Convention Ink, a new feature on where we will feature some of the best work done at notable tattoo conventions around the world. Previously we caught you up on the goings on at… [ read more ]

Booty Worship – The NSFW Art of Al-Baseer Holly

April 22 2015

gallery follows the text L.A. based artist Al-Baseer Holly explores his love of cartoons in his first exhibit C.A.M. (Childhood Access Memories). Holly’s work mixes the naughty with the nostalgic as he uses women’s bottoms as a canvas for a… [ read more ]

Tattoos Celebrating the Beauty of Nature

April 22 2015

From the first time that man started drawing on cave walls humans have always used the world around them as one of their biggest artistic inspirations. There is so much beauty in the natural world and it is even more… [ read more ]

Under Breast Tattoos

April 20 2015

There are an almost limitless number of places on the body where one can get tattooed. Yet, no matter how many new places we see people getting tattooed there is one area that we just cannot get enough of—right under… [ read more ]

Convention Coverage: Musink Recap

April 20 2015

Now that you’ve been brought up to date with some of the top artists in the industry and the incredible artwork at the Musink tattoo convention, it’s time you experience the performances and the crowd. Bernadette Macias (duh) is giving… [ read more ]