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Learn How Laser Tattoo Removal Works in this Video

May 15 2015

You may remember a few months back when Destin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day showed us how exactly tattoo machines work. Throughout the fascinating slow motion video you can see how the needles deliver ink into the skin. It’s an… [ read more ]

A Preview of the Brand New Freshly Inked W/ Carlos Rojas

May 15 2015

Carlos Rojas rose to prominence by tattooing a Breaking Bad sleeve so realistic that you can almost smell the chemicals coming off of Walter White’s HazMat suit, but the art has been in him far longer than that. Rojas got his… [ read more ]

The World’s Most Tattooed Senior Passes Away

May 14 2015

Photo Gallery Follows The Text Isobel Varley may have not gotten her first tattoo until she was in her 40s but she more than made up for that time lost with voracity and enthusiasm. Varley, who was in the Guinness… [ read more ]

Are Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and Otto Leaving Springfield?

May 14 2015

Tattoo Gallery Follows The Text In a piece of news that will surely break hearts in Springfield and beyond, Harry Shearer has announced that he will be leaving The Simpsons before its 27th season. Shearer has been a part of the… [ read more ]

Christina Milian Gets Tattoo Inspired by Lil’ Wayne

May 14 2015

GALLERY OF PICTURES OF CHRISTINA MILIAN AND HER NEW TATTOO BELOW THE TEXT For a while now, it’s been rumored and reported that actress, singer, reality TV star Christina Milian has been dating rapper Lil’ Wayne. Paparazzi photos and a… [ read more ]

The Pack A.D. ‘Animal’ – An Inked Exclusive Video Premiere

May 14 2015

Video and Photo Gallery Follow the Text Inked is pleased to host the exclusive premiere for the latest video by Vancouver-based rockers, The Pack A.D. The track is called “Animal” and the video was filmed in the band’s hometown and… [ read more ]

5 Hot Inked Girl Memes

May 13 2015

You made it halfway through the week. Here are some wise words (and hot photos) from the women of Inked to get you through the other half. Check out Jessica Wilde, Betty Bombshell, Brittany L. Kile, Heather Moss and Alee… [ read more ]