Category: Tattooed Girls

  • Dragonfly Tattoos

    Summer is here, which means you are probably going to beaches, lakes, and the rest of the great outdoors.  Something, though, that comes with these great vacation spots are dragonflies. Perhaps some of the prettiest insects out there, we have… [ read more ]

  • Artist Spotlight: Steve Soto

    The Rockstar Energy Drink Inked Up World Tour is slowly making its way around the world promoting a handful of remarkably talented tattooists along the way. Sullen TV presents an inside look at the tour’s stop at the NIX tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Cecil Porter

    Working out of Emporium 1476 in Portland, Oregon, Cecil Porter has one of the finest and most prolific portfolios we’ve ever seen. Featuring vibrant, neon color tones and masterful shadow work, Porter’s hyper-realistic portraits of pop culture icons as well… [ read more ]

  • Bat Tattoos

    Bats are usually associated with Halloween, but as the weather gets warmer throughout the summer, bats are sighted more often.  As dusk begins to over take your backyard barbecue, it’s most likely that a little wood bat may come flying… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos Inspired by Salvador Dali

    Considered one of the greatest fine artists of all time, Salvador Dali is the first name that comes to mind in the area of surrealism as well as a great source of inspiration for modern artists of all media. If… [ read more ]

  • Musical Tattoos

    At first glance one would believe that a visual art such as tattooing would have little to do with an auditory art like music, but you would be mistaken. The love of both tattoos and music is often driven by… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Dan Hazelton

    Dan Hazelton has had his work featured in everything from Freshly Inked to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  Famous for his own stylized version of biomechanical tattoos (which he self-titles as “Hazelmech”), Hazelton is one of the most innovative and… [ read more ]