Category: Tattooed Girls

Sailor Moon Tattoos

September 11 2015

It is safe to say that Sailor Moon incapsulated what it meant to be a kawaii Japanese girl in the 1990s. From the uniforms we wish we had in real life to the badass message of feminism played into every… [ read more ]

9/11 Memorial Tattoos

September 11 2015

Part of the magic of tattoos is that they can often help people mentally recover from traumatizing events, including the loss of loved ones. Thus, many people coped with the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 by getting ink. Many… [ read more ]

Color Portraiture by Alex de Pase

September 10 2015

Hailing from Cervighano Del Friuli, Italy, Alex de Pase is an artist to watch. A resident artist at Off the Map Tattoo, Alex began his career as a tattoo artist at the age of 15. “When I saw one of… [ read more ]

Michelle Knight’s Tattoo Story

September 10 2015

In the same way that the lyrics of a song or the emotion behind a painting can represent a deep personal experience for an individual, tattoos are often worn as a way to commemorate specific memories and events that have… [ read more ]

WATCH: The Moon Cult’s Racy New Video

September 9 2015

When it comes to turning you on the people over at The Moon Cult are Jedi Masters. In their brand new video entitled “Nympho,” model Camimi Palomeque Bomba lets us play voyeur as she gets ready for a night letting… [ read more ]

Tattooed Model Pandora Blue

September 9 2015

Once again we have heard your cries to see more of a beautiful tattooed model and delivered with a sexy gallery. After putting a photo of the bespectacled Pandora Blue on our Instagram we were buried under an avalanche of… [ read more ]

Artist Gives Free Ink To Domestic Violence Survivors

September 8 2015

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Flavia Carvalho, a Brazilian tattoo artist, has found a way to use her skill to change the lives of people who have suffered from domestic violence—she tattoos over their scars free of charge. The project… [ read more ]

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