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Exclusive Excerpt: Tattooed War Hero’s Story

August 23 2016

Noah Galloway is a real-life American hero. You may know him from Dancing With the Stars or John Cena’s American Grit, but today his life story is published. has obtained the exclusive excerpt of Living With No Excuses: The… [ read more ]

Tattoo Puzzle: Mother or Lover?

August 22 2016

The Internet demands answer on if this is the clients mother or lover? This single panel cartoon came across our social media feed and we were just so charmed by it. But we had one vexing question: is the woman… [ read more ]

The Color Morale Picks Their Favorite Band Tattoos

August 19 2016

The Color Morale is not just an awesome band, they are awesome people. The act has a dedicated fan base. How ridiculously dedicated? There’s more than 4,600 The Color Morale tattoos walking around right now. And how do you know… [ read more ]

Harry Potter Heartthrob Now Covered In Tattoos

August 19 2016

You remember Viktor Krum, even if not by name. The beefcake from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was Durmstrang’s Triwizard Champion; the studly seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team; slick dude who took Hermoine Granger to the Yule Ball…. [ read more ]

Blackwork Tattoos

August 18 2016

There is beauty in simplicity, especially when it comes to tattoos. While we love bright and vibrantly colored pieces there is something about blackwork tattoos that stands out in a manner that you just can’t achieve with color. By using… [ read more ]

Tattoos for Couples

August 17 2016

One of the best bonding experience a couple can ever have is to get tattoos together, it’s even better if they get romantically-themed tattoos. Here is a gallery of some of our favorite couples tattoos and other romantic ink.

Did Vin Diesel Get a Tattoo of Paul Walker’s Eyes? See It Here!

August 15 2016

There’s no doubt that Vin Diesel was struck with grief when his best friend and Fast and the Furious co-star Paul Walker was killed in a car accident in 2013, so when the actor shared a recent photo on Facebook of… [ read more ]

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