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Tattoos Featuring The Walking Dead

February 11 2016

Gallery Follows the Text Prepare yourself for the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER. The Walking Dead Season Six mid-season premiere airs Sunday, February 14 on AMC! That means more Daryl, more Rick, and more Michonne on your television set. More blood, more guts, more glory. To… [ read more ]

The Most Commonly Removed Name Tattoos

February 11 2016

Here at Inked we feel that it is our duty to pop in every so often to remind you about the dangers of getting a name tattoo, especially for those of you looking to make a romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day…. [ read more ]

Celebrity Tattoo Roundup: Tom Hardy

February 11 2016

Photo Gallery Follows the Text Judging him entirely from his unforgettable roles as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, the slick forger Eames in Inception, and, most recently, John Fitzgerald in The Revenant, you would never know that Tom Hardy is completely covered in tattoos…. [ read more ]

Funny or Gross?

February 10 2016

We don’t blame you if these tattoos give you some mixed emotions. We’re guessing that you are looking at them asking yourself, is this funny or just plain gross? Possibly it’s a little bit of both. But, we’re guessing that… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Sean From Texas

February 10 2016

It’s very important when you analyze the tattoo portfolio of Sean from Texas that you don’t mistake simplicity for poor craftsmanship. Sean has made a name for himself by using some of the most basic illustrative blackwork to bring to… [ read more ]

Help Clint Cummings From ‘Ink Master’ Battle Cancer

February 9 2016

Recently tattoo artist and Ink Master season 2 cast member Clint Cummings announced that he’s been diagnosed with cancer. In a video posted to his Instagram Cummings said, “So, before I get started, I want you all to know that this… [ read more ]

Ambigram Tattoos

February 8 2016

The artists behind the best script tattoos always find clever ways to turn simple words into art. One way to do this is to do an ambigram. An ambigram is a word or phrase that is drawn in a manner… [ read more ]

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