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NSFW: Erotic Tattoos

September 1 2016

Sexy, dirty, erotic, NSFW tattoos for those who live that life. Now that tattoos have become less than taboo these people and tattoo artists are pushing the visuals toward a place that would even make more porn stars blush. Don’t look… [ read more ]

RG3 Called Out For New Tattoo

August 29 2016

Joe Theismann Calls Out RG3 for His New Tattoo Dedicated to Girlfriend Grete Sadeiko Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III got a tattoo in honor of his new girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko, and Joe Theismann, sports commentator and former quarterback for the… [ read more ]

David Beckham Gets a Horse Neck Tattoo

August 26 2016

Oh haaaay. David Beckham inked a horse on the side of his neck. We stopped being surprised about new Beckham tattoos somewhere around number 37, but when we caught a glimpse of the football legend’s latest ink, we couldn’t help but… [ read more ]

Tattooed Dudeoir Beach Shoot Is Awesome!

August 26 2016

This is the finest example of “Dudeoir” photography that we have seen yet. Dudeoir is a spin on boudoir in which men pose like the sexy women you see in magazines (ours included). Move over Pam Anderson, we have a… [ read more ]

Thigh Tattoos

August 24 2016

Regardless of style preferences, thigh tattoos can be some of the most attractive tattoos out there. That is as long as they are placed correctly to fit each client. To prove it, here are some of the hottest perfectly placed thigh tattoos… [ read more ]

Exclusive Excerpt: Tattooed War Hero’s Story

August 23 2016

Noah Galloway is a real-life American hero. You may know him from Dancing With the Stars or John Cena’s American Grit, but today his life story is published. has obtained the exclusive excerpt of Living With No Excuses: The… [ read more ]

Tattoo Puzzle: Mother or Lover?

August 22 2016

The Internet demands answer on if this is the clients mother or lover? This single panel cartoon came across our social media feed and we were just so charmed by it. But we had one vexing question: is the woman… [ read more ]

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