Category: Tattooed Guys

  • Tattoos Inspired by Stephen King

    Novels like The Shining, Pet Sematary, and Salem’s Lot have all been transformed into amazing and horrifying films since author Stephen King first released his ghoulish stories to the public.  Along with other great novels, short stories and even the… [ read more ]

  • Morphed Roses by Andres Acosta

    Roses are some of the most common images for tattoos; every style from American traditional to black and grey realism uses roses.  Texas-based tattoo artist, Andres Acosta, however, decided that he wanted to create a new type of rose.  This… [ read more ]

  • Coffee Tattoos

    Here at the INKED office, we were inspired by the enthusiasm of one of our local coffee shops to show our own appreciation of coffee. Coffee is arguably one of the most essential things in people’s daily lives.  Caffeine lovers… [ read more ]

  • Can You Guess the Band Tattoo?

    Let’s play a little game. Here at INKED we see a tremendous amount of band tattoos.  Some of the tattoos are really obvious as they feature famous band logos, but others are a little trickier to figure out and are… [ read more ]

  • The Final Days of Anberlin

    “It is definitely a backwards ticking clock at this point, but it kind of has to be,” says Christian McAlhaney, the soon to be former guitarist of the band Anberlin.  “Since we started touring on [The 2014 Vans] Warped Tour,… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Thomas Hooper

    Thomas Hooper is one of the leading tattoo artists in the blackwork field.  His pieces capture beautiful elements of geometry, solid line work, pointillism, and fine art making his tattoos both eye-catching and iconic. Originally from the UK, you can… [ read more ]

  • Tattoos by Josh Woods

    Josh Woods is a face you might remember from the very first season of Ink Master, but his talents spread far past just what you saw on the show.  As the owner of the Black 13 Tattoo studio in Nashville, Tennessee,… [ read more ]