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Take A Peek At The New Issue of Freshly Inked W/ John ‘Yogi’ Barrett

September 22 2015

The new issue of Freshly Inked with John “Yogi” Barrett about to burst off of the cover will be hitting the newsstand any day now. The multi-talented Barrett has been breaking new ground by using multiple styles in the same… [ read more ]

Convention Coverage: Palm Trees and Tattoos

September 21 2015

If we had an infinite amount of time and money we wouldn’t miss a single tattoo convention. There are so many tattoo artists to be seen and great work to witness. Unfortunately this is real life, we can’t be everywhere… [ read more ]

20 Sensational Tattoos by Nicholas Keiser

September 21 2015

An artist at Integrity Tattoo in Royersford, Pennsylvania, Nicholas Keiser is a master of many different styles of tattooing. Fusing together the styles of realism, dot work, geometric, and neo-traditional into his designs, Keiser packs a punch that will last… [ read more ]

Bob’s Burgers Tattoos

September 21 2015

When Fox debuted Bob’s BurgersĀ in January of 2011, they must have had a feeling it would become an instant classic. Starring Bob Belcher and his family of quirky characters, viewers can’t help but fall in love with every member of… [ read more ]

One Limb Can’t Contain The Brilliance of Thieves of Tower

September 18 2015

Thieves of Tower areĀ making some of the most brilliant tattoos that we have ever seen. And while all of illustrative blackwork tattoos produced by the duo (Houston and Dagny) are impressive, it is the tattoos that cover more than one… [ read more ]

London Reese Tattoos Nicholas from Walk the Moon

September 17 2015

London Reese, one of the most impressive color realism tattoo artists in the world, has created his own YouTube series called “Backstage Ink.” The series documents Reese as he tattoos some of the coolest musicians around, in this episode he… [ read more ]

Sanskrit Tattoos

September 17 2015

While it may be mostly dead as a spoken language (although it has been revived in a few villages recently), Sanskrit remains the primary sacred language in Hinduism. The script is closely tied to ceremonies and faith, so it should… [ read more ]

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