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Belgian Band Turns Tattoo Machines Into Instruments

January 18 2016

Photo Gallery Follows Video and Text By now we pretty much expect most musicians to be covered in tattoos. Hell, we don’t even bat an eye when some guys from bands spend their days not touring working in a tattoo… [ read more ]

Best Professions for the Tattooed

January 18 2016

When it comes towards attitudes about tattooed employees, today’s workplace is infinitely more welcoming than it was even just a decade ago. That being said, there are still some industries that embrace tattooed individuals more than others. In this list… [ read more ]

Tattoos That Require 3D Glasses

January 15 2016

Realistic 3D tattoos, that pop off the skin, are undeniably some of the most amazing tattoos ever. But have you ever been required to put on those 3D glasses to see the image pop out? Well, get those glasses out… [ read more ]

Imagining Classic Tattoo Shops in Today’s World

January 14 2016

Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins came into the world on January 14th, 1911. On what would have been his 105th birthday we decided to take a look back at his legendary shop on Smith St. in Honolulu. In order to get… [ read more ]

Someone Actually Made Brock Lesnar’s Knife Tattoo

January 14 2016

Brock Lesnar is not the type of person that you would want to get into a tussle with. The WWE Superstar and former UFC champion is jacked beyond what we ever thought was possible and he should probably be required… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Dan Bythewood

January 14 2016

To say that Dan Bythewood creates amazing American Traditional tattoos is really only hitting the tip of the iceberg. Tattooing out of New York Adorned, Bythewood has shown the ability to cross over into multiple styles with great aplomb, we… [ read more ]

You’ll Never Look At Martha Stewart The Same Way Again

January 13 2016

Gallery Follows the Text We’ve been waiting far too long for an iconic homemaker to take the tattoo plunge. Finally, Martha Stewart got inked. Stewart took to Twitter yesterday, January 12, to voice her opinion on a photo of a tattooed younger self…. [ read more ]

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