Category: Tattooed Guys

This Surreal Tattoo Will Blow Your Mind

April 6 2015

Every time Pietro Sedda creates a tattoo there is one thing that you can be certain of—it will be unlike anything that you have ever seen before. Today’s Tattoo of the Day is an amazingly strange and surreal piece created… [ read more ]

Let’s Put a Smile on That Face

April 3 2015

When Heath Ledger first put on the makeup of the Joker for 2008’s The Dark Knight it was as if he had undergone a complete transformation; he was no longer an actor in a blockbuster film but had become the… [ read more ]

Inspiring Tattoos Promoting Autism Awareness

April 2 2015

April 2nd is World Autism Day and  buildings all over the world are encouraged to “Light it up Blue” in order to raise awareness of the disorder. The people featured in this gallery have made the choice to raise awareness… [ read more ]

Yo Adrian! I did it! I Got a Tattoo!

April 2 2015

No one had ever been able to go the distance against Apollo Creed until a nobody from Philly shocked the world by standing toe to toe with the champ for 15 grueling rounds. Of course, this never really happened and… [ read more ]

Duke Riley and Tattly Team Up for Charity

April 1 2015

Among all of the damage caused by 2012’s Hurricane Sandy the destruction of the New York Aquarium seemed to fly under the radar. Clearly rebuilding a habitat for fish was a far less pressing concern than helping people put their… [ read more ]

NFL to Ban Tattoos

April 1 2015

In a shocking move that will send ripples throughout not only the National Football League but all of the major professional sports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that starting in the 2018 season players will be banned from having visible tattoos…. [ read more ]

The Many Faces of a Tattoo Convention

April 1 2015

PHOTO GALLERY FOLLOWS THE TEXT Here at Inked we try to give our followers a behind-the-scenes look at our little corner of the tattoo industry. From InkedShop photo shoots and convention coverage on Snapchat to our favorite tattoos and products… [ read more ]