Category: Tattooed Guys

  • Skull of the Day: See, Hear, Speak No Evil

    Today’s skull of the day is this incredible chest piece by Carl Grace.  This particular skull puts a new spin on the idea of The Three Wise Monkeys known for their infamous “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no… [ read more ]

  • Urban Meyer Plans Some Ink to Celebrate National Championship

    Forget going to Disneyland, Urban Meyer is headed to the tattoo parlor. Now that Meyer has coached his Ohio State Buckeyes to an unlikely National Championship he needs to make good on his promise to get some ink. Shortly after… [ read more ]

  • Inked Model Jake Lore To Play The Bowery Electric

    Jake Lore was born to believe, and that’s just what he tells us on the title track of his latest EP.  You might remember this singer/songwriter from INKED’s 2014 Art Issue; he was one of the three tattooed hotties rockin’… [ read more ]

  • Generation ‘My Way’ & The Fall of Tattoo Barriers

    According to a survey conducted by Lightspeed Research, women are outnumbering men these days when it comes to ink. 59% of women polled had at least one tattoo.  For men, that number was 41%. As the traditional societal stigmas related… [ read more ]

  • Black and Grey Takeover: Jun Cha Launches MONARC Studios

    Black and grey is taking over! Next Thursday, January 22, LA-based black and grey guru, Jun Cha, will be unveiling his latest project, the MONARC Studios pop-up gallery and official launch.  The opening night will feature beautiful tattoos and fine… [ read more ]

  • Travis Barker Got Two New Tattoos At The Same Time

    Last week at the Long Beach Agenda Show, Travis Barker came out to support his brand Famous Stars and Straps.  However, while at his booth reppin’ his signature style, he was also getting inked by two tattoo artists at the… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo of the Day: What’s That Behind Your Ear?

    Today’s tattoo of the day is this incredible and strategically placed portrait of Iron Man by Freshly Inked cover artist Cecil Porter.  Not only is the detail and execution of this portrait beautifully done, but the placement of the portrait… [ read more ]