Category: Tattoos

  • Pretty in Pink

    Today’s tattoo of the day is this cool ornamental skull by James Kern.  Kern is based out of Portland, Oregon, and best known for his colorful, out-of-the-box style combining elements of ornamental tattooing with fantasy and illustrative realism.  Today’s tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Keepin’ It Traditional

    It’s a well known fact that getting a tattoo on the top of your foot is going to hurt, but day in and day out we constantly see some amazing foot tattoos coming out of the tattoo industry.  Jacob Doney,… [ read more ]

  • What’s Under There? A Tattoo?

    There is a long and storied history of men getting caught ogling women’s chests, one can assume that this has been going on since the dawn of time. Now, before you rush to conclusions one must ascertain that some times… [ read more ]

  • Blink-182 To Play Musink Without Tom DeLonge

    It’s been almost impossible to get on social media today without seeing something Blink-182 related.  A large part of the east coast has spent the last 24 hours preparing for a blizzard hashtagged as #Snowmageddon2015, and yet the number one… [ read more ]

  • A Good Reason to Stay in Bed

    It’s cold outside. Work sucks. Pants are too constrictive. These are all perfectly acceptable reasons to want to stay in bed all day. Allow us to introduce you to perhaps the most compelling reason of all–Jordan Macey. Today’s Inked Girl… [ read more ]

  • It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a New Tattoo!

    Underboob and side boob tattoos have become more and more popular over the last several years.  As the trend has grown, we have come across some very original ideas for underboob and side boob designs, like this piece here.  This… [ read more ]

  • Dressed to Kill

    People will often say that someone looks “dressed to kill,” but very few times will this be anything other than a clever turn of phrase. That’s because rarely are people talking about the Women’s “Skull Pile” Penny Dress by Kreepsville… [ read more ]