Category: Tattoos

The Death of the Heart

June 19 2015

At first glance the “La Mort de Coeur” Necklace by Alchemy of England, today’s InkedShop Product of the Day, looks like a standard heart shaped necklace. But don’t be fooled—take a closer look and you will see that Alchemy of… [ read more ]

Hilary Duff Releases ‘Tattoo’ Music Video

June 18 2015

Hilary Duff just released a casual little backyard video to accompany her new heartbreak track “Tattoo,” number ten off of her latest album Breathe In. Breathe Out. The entirety of the album, “Tattoo” especially, seems to be the response to… [ read more ]

Sunflower Tattoos

June 18 2015

Gallery Follows the Text The sunflower is a universal symbol of happiness, well at least that’s how we feel when looking at the beauties. It’s strong stem can grow up to 12 feet tall, standing like a guard for the… [ read more ]

Cross Tattoos

June 18 2015

As a sign of faith, cross tattoos are very popular. While the cross is a very simple image these artists have thrown in a dose of creativity to make some impressive pieces of tattoo art. Check out some of our… [ read more ]

You Need to See Kendall Jenner’s First Tattoo

June 18 2015

Gallery Follows the Text On the scale of teenage rebellion getting a tattoo falls somewhere in between skipping school and getting arrested for throwing a rager while your parents are away for the weekend. Kendall Jenner, the 19-year-old member of… [ read more ]

Tattoo Collector Torrie Lancaster

June 17 2015

We love the focus that has been placed on the tattoo collector in the last couple of years. We’ve always loved the artists that create the work, it’s about time that we pay attention to the people who collect all… [ read more ]

Introducing: The Human Nunchuck

June 17 2015

  Watch this man have his right arm turned into nunchucks! Tattooers Myke Chambers and Adrian Dominic collaborate to tattoo a set of nunchucks on a Kensington local dubbed “Hunky” (Steve); a survivor of a severe gunshot, with unusual physical… [ read more ]