Category: Tattoos

  • The Beautifully Dark Tattoos of Riccardo Cassese

    When it comes to creating breathtaking tattoos that have a just a hint of the macabre few can equal the work of Riccardo Cassese. Based in Barcelona, Cassese specializes in portraiture and realism. While many tattoo artists go over the… [ read more ]

  • Dropkick Murphys Put Wisconsin Gov. Walker in His Place

    Here’s some free advice for politicians looking to make a run for the 2016 presidential nomination–before choosing music to play at your public appearances make sure that the artist you are blaring to pump up your crowd doesn’t “literally hate… [ read more ]

  • Sexy Samii Ryan Parties Hard

    For today’s Inked Girl of the Day we turned to the cover girl of the latest Inked Girls, Samii Ryan. Normally our Girls of the Day come from community submissions (if you feel like you have what it takes be sure… [ read more ]

  • Made for an Angel

    Here at Inked we have always been suckers for wing tattoos—few things make a girl appear more angelic than a nice pair of tattooed wings. Sometimes a girl can’t just walk around showing off her wings so the next best… [ read more ]

  • Deadly Combinations

    Today’s skull of the day is this amazing watercolor skull by Andres Acosta.  Acosta is typically known for his amazing rose morphs in which he blends everyday objects with realistic roses, so combining a skull with the watercolor aesthetic sounds… [ read more ]

  • Victor Portugal Is Back At It

    Victor Portugal is one of the most respected large-scale tattooists in the industry.  Known for his signature black and grey surrealist style, his work is easily recognizable and always of the highest quality.  Based in Krakow, Poland, some of Portugal’s… [ read more ]

  • A New Approach To Old School

    Today’s tattoo of the day is this gorgeous piece by Nicklas Westin.  Based in Barcelona, Spain, Westin has over 25 years of experience tattooing.  His signature style takes a new school approach to traditional Japanese tattooing with a slight twist,… [ read more ]